Tech has to call police due to client’s underage sexual activities [Humor]


What I want to know is how in the world does someone sneak into your basement and have sex with you in the house and having no clue? Someone has to explain to this one to me.

In any case, the tech ended up calling the police who confirmed the woman had called them and told them the same story. I wonder if the man in the story has seen the light of day yet, seeing as this story is back from the old dial-up days.

[via TollhouseFrank]

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  • arbyaitch

    Is that the same guy that got his penis stuck in the toaster?

  • J.L.

    Don’t see how this is humour? Even defining as black comedy is pushing it…

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Depending on the type of house it is, it would be fairly easy to sneak someone into the basement without anyone knowing about it.

    I lived in the Kansas City suburbs (Missouri side) before moving to my current location, and our house there was a split level ranch. The basement was on the back of the house, with most of it used as a garage; I walled up the remainder and used it for my home office. In addition to the garage doors, there was a standard doorway that led outside from my office. I could easily have brought someone into my office with no one in the house the wiser.