iKettle lets you make tea using your smartphone


Every now and again, something comes along that blows our minds into smithereens. You see; this little gadget called iKettle is one of those things because it’s a kettle with built in Wi-Fi. It’s the first Wi-Fi kettle, and believe us when we say it will not be the last.

The iKettle is designed to make life easier for folks who always want to wake up in the mornings to a hot cup of coffee. The idea here is for users to control the iKettle from anywhere in their house via a smartphone. With the simple touch of a button, iKettle can automatically begin boiling water for you. It’s the perfect tool for folks who have nothing to do but watch TV after waking up.

Furthermore, there’s a Wake Mode that wakes you up in the mornings and ask if you would like to boil some water. This pretty much removes the need to have your own Alfred, and it could even make boiling tea fun and exciting.

When it comes down to the specifications, the iKettle supports Wi-Fi and is capable of connecting to your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Next we want a robot that is capable of washing clothes along with sweeping the yard.

Product Features:

  • Control your iKettle via your mobile device
  • Easy one-touch set up
  • Wake up and Welcome home mode/Timer
  • Choose from four temperature settings
  • Keep warm feature
  • Super easy to clean – removable filter and no internal element
  • Auto shut off with boil-dry protection
  • Stainless steel design with soft-touch handle
  • LED backlit control panel

If you’re interested in owning the iKettle, it’s going to set you back 100 English pounds. We believe this is too expensive, even though it does so much more compared to a regular kettle. Then again, is there really a price too high for laziness?

[via Firebox]

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