NSA data center in Utah experienced meltdowns and explosions


The NSA is working on a massive data center to aid the agency in its surveillance operations, but this particular data center is going through some hard times. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new data center experienced 10 meltdowns in the last 13 months that managed to destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. It also delayed the opening of the new data center to more than a year.

The plan was to have the first of four facilities at the Utah Data Center up and running by October 2012, but the electrical problems labeled as arc fault failure caused explosions, melted metal and failed circuits.

The first arc fault failure at the Utah plant was on Aug. 9, 2012, according to project documents. Since then, the center has had nine more failures, most recently on Sept. 25. Each incident caused as much as $100,000 in damage, according to a project official.

It took six months for investigators to determine the causes of two of the failures. In the months that followed, the contractors employed more than 30 independent experts that conducted 160 tests over 50,000 man-hours, according to project documents.

The new data center is said to cost the government $1.4 billion to construct. A person close to the situation who spoke with the Journal stated that the agency wanted to turn on one of the computers last week, however; due to the electrical failures, this will not happen.

At the moment, project officials have not yet determined what is the basis of the electrical problems. So until then, the NSA is at a disadvantage, and we’re guessing a plethora of people on the Internet are enjoying this.

[via The Wall Street Journal, image via Time Glass Global]

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  • I rather think it’s your intelligence that’s getting you INTO wars, not out of it. But Corporate America controls the White House & Congress, and it’s good business (Blackwater, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, MacD / Douglas etc etc), so they won’t have it any other way.

    I doubt at this late stage of the game the American public will achieve any significant change within your current system — Washington & Wall Street corrupts your Representatives and Senators the day they arrive (far away from their constituents).

    You are sliding fast into neo-feodalism, where the middles-class is destroyed along with your currency, there are no jobs, and Wall Street runs everything. Your only hope is to FORCE the spirit of your Framed Constitution, which is to have all Government at State level, except for those functions specifically granted by the States to the Federal Government (and not the other way around, as Wall Street has bought from the politicians) — only specific functions such as Foreign Affairs etc should fall in the Federal Government domain.

    The American Public (all the States) should ignore bipartisanship (a charade orchestrated by Corporate America), and force their State representatives to enforce nullification at State level of all Federal Laws & Regulations that interfere with State Government, as envisioned by your Founding Fathers.

    This will not come without pain, as extreme resistance will come from Corporate America / White House, but you must persevere. This is the only way America will become healthy and prosperous again — and the rest of us are counting on it.

    What is currently happening (America changing from a prosperous and free land of opportunity and vibrance to have become a totalitarian regime governed by Corporations, the transition put into overdrive since Reagan) is unprecedented in history.

    You have to reclaim your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It will be hard, and demand sacrifices, but the alternative (the destruction of your currency and job market) facing most Americans is dire — you stand only to gain, but you will first have to fight the apathy and sense of helplessness that has been instilled in your people.

  • New Moon

    Just don’t tighten the screws so much. Then, use good kbc, caps and buck design. Don’t overclock your cpus and rams. This is my free expert advice, believe it or not, if it were to come from a contractor, it would cost at least a few millions!

  • valhalla

    lets hope they NEVER get it running………the government has NO RIGHT to snoop on us for any reason they can mind their own fucking business.
    Hope the failures keep happening.

  • Shava Nerad

    It’s probably just draw on the supercomputers — they likely require supercooled and supercharged environments so imagine the drain!

    But I kind of like the idea that it’s someone in the facility doing a little subtle sabotage…heh…

    The sad thing is, we *NEED* the NSA. Good intelligence keeps us out of wars, just as much as good diplomacy. But this kind of rot endangers us at the roots of democracy. So we must clean it out of the agency. It’s an abscess.

    Which means at the very least reforming oversight, and likely removing Alexander. And there is no formal mechanism for removing Feinstein from the Senate committee — none. So any of you from California — please start putting pressure on your senator to stand the hell down. She is doing a terrible job.

    Seriously, contact your constituent services office — make an appointment and walk in if you can — and express your profound displeasure. Study up before hand. Get a group of friends. Don’t be talked down. Tell Feinstein’s office that her committee is destroying Americans’ confidence in government, and her allies’ confidence in us, overseas, and ideally that the oversight of intelligence — with 3.5 MILLION people in the US with top secret clearances today! — should be handed to some other body than a small senate committee.

    Booz Allen spends more time reviewing their RFPs for the NSA blackline projects than her committee spends rubberstamping them.

    Ron Wyden from Oregon seems to be the only voice of integrity on that committee at the moment.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Awwwww… what a shame they are having problems with their massive spy data center.