This qualifies Netflix for possibly best customer service ever [Image]


What do you think? Well done by Netflix customer service or a waste of time? I say #winning.

[via tonypotenza]

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  • Justa Comment

    [@Justa Comment]

    The Wright Amendment only applies to flying out of Love Field, Dallas. Sorry to go down that rabbit trail, but SWA does a great job of keeping their senses while the world throws tantrums at their success. Seems Netflix is keep their senses, and humor, too. [Earlier I tried to edit my first post before the time limit was up, and it appeared that I was going to be allowed to, but there was no content in the re-edit box, and my editted comment did not appear. Apparently, in order to successfully edit a post, you have to complete the edit before the original time limit has expired. You can’t wait for the 9 minute 58 second mark to start an edit.] Wow, I found another rabbit trail. Kind of like surfing the web! Oh, wait, there’s another one!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Justa Comment

    This is one of the reasons Southwest Airlines has been successful. They know that a good attitude and being able to laugh at oneself goes a long way in smoothing the bumps in life. Good on Netflix if they encourage this type of banter. I wonder how many annoyed people can’t take the humor. (P.S. I do not work for Southwest Airlines. I think the Wright Amendment is supposed to end soon, so I will fly them again. The Wright Amendment: the idiotic rule that says those flying from Texas more than one state away have to change planes before continuing to their destination. That is how humorless the federal government can be.)

  • Reminds me of our first trip to Disneyworld, back when I was unmentionably young. ;) At the end, when we were on the shuttle back to our car, the announcer on the shuttle had a real sense of humor, he kept everyone laughing. We were at the third stop and I remember him asking for a show of hands how many people were parked there. Then he said “I see thirteen hands so 13 bodies better get off.”

    I wanted to go around again so I could listen to the rest of it but we got off anyway.

  • JonE

    Cute . . . . . . . But, I think I would have said I was Admiral Chegwidden.