Microsoft to open a Microsoft Innovation Center in Miami

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Microsoft is still the top software company. No matter what you say about its Windows offerings, it’s the desktop operating system to beat. Windows XP has bid goodbye but Windows 7 and Windows 8 are still doing fine. And to further its expansion, the software giant is opening a Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Miami, Florida. It’s the first to be based in the US with centers in other states following.

Microsoft shares that the innovation center will focus on four audiences:

Academia. To provide students with a welcoming space to learn about and receive training from skilled specialists regarding the tools and technologies being used for specific courses or curriculum

Local and LATAM community. To provide the local community with access to the latest and greatest in technology, both Microsoft solutions and those provided by community partners.

Government. To provide a source for job creation as it allows government organizations access to an increased pool of highly skilled workers who have an extensive understanding of technology.

Startups. To provide entrepreneurs and prospective startups with access to Microsoft tools, technology and hardware to help test, develop, and hone their solution or craft. (from Microsoft News]

The first US-based Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) will open later this spring.

[via Engadget]

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