Protip: don’t try to play a DVD with a VHS player [Humor]


Erm… what can I say in response to this.

[via Chop_Hard]

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  • Coyote

    Really? That’s a bit long winded to call out what was an obvious jab at how obtuse most college professors are. And per your statement this doesn’t serve as an example of forced obsolescence, the size of the disc itself should have told the genius that the VCR obviously wouldn’t play a DVD.

    And as for your word example I can’t tell if you’re for or against it… but office has been forcing people to upgrade a simple text editor for years, the .docx format is useless, any setting that a new format could add could just as easily have been added as header or footer data and could have been opened by any text editor from wordperfect to X-Tree Gold, but no you need to buy a $300 piece of software to do what should be common and free access.

  • Seth Bailey

    What is an idiom? Is that something that is repeated by an idiot? It is funny that this instance is mocked so much, because I see the same thing in people that accept digital restrictions on their media. Why would you think its okay for someone to tell you how to utilize a device. I can see a professional tech coming and and replying, “It wont work on that because its unsupported.” TRUE statement and obvious to any of us that can remember what a VCR does with VHS cassettes. But what if your tech department decided that the color of all the device cords should be RED, because black is BASIC. So you installed a sensor that checked for a RED Cord, simple check RED cord TRUE -carry on, RED cord FALSE crash device. Seems ludicrous to me, perhaps you too. Yet we accept artificial digital restrictions and reasons of non support as acceptable and change our behavior in the proscribed manner. What if Word decided .TXT files was no longer supported? They don’t have to force an upgrade, because the idiots of the world have begun to digitally surrender control to “the cloud” I can truly say that my sympathy will be nil for the ones who lead the people into a glorious new era of enslavement. the TIME MACHINE fans would look for this moment in history as the end of humanity and a divergence of the species into evil, aggressive, mechanical, soulless hypocrites on one side. Naive, stupid, obedient pets on the other side of this divide made possible by the illusion of the all-mighty petrodollar.

  • Coyote

    Ya know the old idiom, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”

  • David Roper

    College professor says it all.

  • etim

    The students were no help–they had their faces stuck in their phones.