How people wasted time before the internet [Comic]


I can’t imagine wasting time without an internet-connected gadget in my hand. I need therapy.

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • Frank D

    [@Ashraf] Guess I did.

  • Ashraf

    [@Frank D] You missed the sarcasm :-P

  • Frank D

    I think you should change the title to “How people *spent* their time before the Internet.” Engaging with things in a reflective or constructive manner is not really wasting one’s time.

  • JonE

    [@jayesstee] Thank you sir, you mentioned the things I neglected to mention. Thanks jayesstee.

  • jayesstee

    [@JonE] And we MADE things!
    Push-carts, dens in gardens or waste ground (I lived near chalk pits). We made model cars, boats and aircraft. We made puppets, model theatres and put on shows/plays.
    We didn’t want to go to school, because we were too busy doing THINGS.
    Thank goodness we didn’t have computers, tablets and power phones.
    Our generation grew up knowing how to join two pieces of wood with nails.
    We learnt to tackle basic plumbing and household electrics.
    And social contact, was knocking on Billy’s door and asking if he was coming out (Jilly’s door when we older).
    End of rant!

  • JonE

    Hmmm; we actually talked with people face to face, even our neighbors. We walked and hiked in every imaginable place while talking with others; sometimes not. And occasionally got together to do meaningless things like play baseball, and other yard games and we occasionally had get togethers in our homes and we didn’t call them parties although we did often play meaningless games. I think we called that socializing. And back then we didn’t know what a significant other was; we got married and made love to our wives. Although there were some that did socialize with their neighbors, in their bedrooms, even though that was not an accepted form of socialization back in those stone age days.