TouchFreeze: Automatically disable your laptop’s touchpad/trackpad while typing

Back when I first got my laptop, I had a helluva time getting used to trying not to touch the touchpad while typing. Eventually after lowing the sensitivity of the touchpad and spending hours typing, I learned how to minimize my typing errors resulting from accidental touchpad touch-age. However, to this day I still struggle with the problem at times. If you are like me and share the same problem, TouchFreeze may be for you.

TouchFreeze is a very small, lightweight, and simple utility that automatically disables your touchpad whenever you type. When you stop typing, TouchFreeze re-enables the touchpad.

TouchFreeze works out of your system tray:


To use TouchFreeze, all you have to do in install it and run it. TouchFreeze does everything itself so there are no “settings” for your to change.

Now please be warned TouchFreeze will not work for every laptop – it doesn’t work for mine. However, I do suggest if you struggle with the touchpad-typing problem you give TouchFreeze a try and if it works for you, great; if it doesn’t just uninstall it. You may grab TouchFreeze from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.0

Supported OS: Windows NT/2000/XP

There have been reports that it works on Windows Vista and Win7 also.

TouchFreeze homepage [direct download]


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