Get a taste of Windows Phone 7 on an iOS or Android device via an interactive online emulator

Want to know how the other 5% live? Microsoft has launched a web-based Windows Phone 7 emulator (probably written in HTML5), allowing iOS and Android device owners to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side by simply visiting in their web browser.

The online emulator is an interactive demo of WP7, with users having the ability to click on tiles, read e-mails, view images, etc. However, it is a guided demo. Once you start the demo and click on a tile at the home screen, blue circles lead you throughout, telling you where to tap and showing off the features of WP7 in the process. Of course since this is a web based demo, don’t expect to experience the full richness (or lack thereof, depending on which side of the fence you sit on) of WP7. For example, you won’t be able to use apps or freely roam the platform. However, it does give Android and iOS users an elementary feel of what to expect from WP7.

Unfortunately it appears this demo is for people with Android/iOS devices only; and it appears to work only in the default browsers for each respective platform. Visiting the demo link on any other type of device (PC, Mac, etc.) and using any browser other than the default one (i.e. Opera Mobile) brings up a sad message that “your device or web browser isn’t supported at this time.”

Update: It appears the WP7 demo works in Chrome on Windows. However, it doesn’t work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Thanks Caleb for pointing this out!

Hit up the link shown below on your Android or iOS device and be sure to share with the rest of us what you think.

WP7 Online Demo

[via Engadget]

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  • Anemailname

    I tried it just for fun on my Rooted Nook Color. I liked it! Android is NOT hard to figure out and neither is WP7. It would be interesting to have that on my Nook.
    I think it would give it a wider range of things I could do with it.
    Thanks Ashraf!

  • Ashraf

    @Caleb Stein: That’s odd. It doesn’t work in FF, IE, or Opera. I admit I should have checked Chrome compatibility before making the generalized claim that I did. Thanks for pointing it out!

    @Gary Moody: I fully agree with you that a) MS will put their full financial strength behind WP7 and b) Consumers are the winners thanks to this competition. However, in the end, I think developer support is what makes or breaks a smartphone platform. Time will tell what happens to WP7; it is only one year old right now. What I can say, however, is WP7 offers something different than Android/iOS, which is most likely going to be its strength going forward.

    Also, WP7 has been out of Beta for a while now (over a year). You can go buy WP7 devices right now… o_O

  • Gary Moody

    Full disclosure: I am a MS Windows supporter. I believe the contributions that MS Windows has made to world progress is fully amazing. Anyway, I love the Android OS and my children love the IOS. All that said, I believe the MS will come out with a competitive product and if they put their full financial strength behind this effort – which there is every belief they will, then the winners are US as in YOU and I.

    The interface looks smooth and the integration steps seem intuitive. Now let’s see if it gets out of Beta and when it will be available.


  • It’s working fine for me with Chrome on my desktop. It’s actually pretty cool.