Another great Halloween idea: vending machine that scares the shit out of you [Image]


The above is a vending machine in Dublin, Ireland. When you put your hand into the machine to grab the “free” treat you are supposed to get, your hand is grabbed by the person sitting inside the machine, who’s hands are colored ghostly white. Yes, I would be scared shitless too.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t done as a Halloween prank but rather as a promotion tool by the company behind the Scares snack product line. I wish they had posted a video so we could see people’s reactions.

[via Technabob]

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  • Nintan

    But why is there another hand near the man’s leg. Is it a vending machine of ….hands?

  • Neil Berman

    Hers’s the link for the video:

  • Mikerman

    Boy, as a promotion they really missed out on marketing by not having a video posted. Maybe there is one somewhere?