Man sticks giant computer chip into his arm… on his own, without doctor help


A German by the name of Tim Cannon wanted to install a device that would track his biometric data and send it to his Android devices. The problem about installing the device, according to Cannon, is that no certified doctor could perform the operation required to install the computer chip into his arm. So he got some help from some “body modification enthusiasts.”

The image you see above is the result of a job by Steve Haworth, who is an aforementioned body modification enthusiast. But because he’s an enthusiast, and not a licensed doctor, he wasn’t licensed to use anesthetics — making an already painful-looking image even more painful.

The open-source chip, called the Circadia, is able to function beneath his skin because its encased in a protective case. Its powered by a battery which is chargeable wirelessly, meaning he thankfully won’t need to open it up just to charge the thing.

My only question is, couldn’t he have used a smaller chip?

[via MotherboardKotaku]

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  1. Louis

    [@Seamus McSeamus] First came road rage …. some people got killed.

    Then came PC rage, especially in the 80’s …. some people got close to getting killed, and some PC’s didn’t survive.

    Next I predict will be ‘Glass’ rage, which is what I will feel when that thing’s looking at me at any angle less than 45 degrees …. who knows what may happen on a bad ‘Glass’ day …

    I foresee many people ending up on the wrong end of a youtube video, with the link emailed to all their colleagues for a good laugh. Uploading that could equal a death wish for some, figuratively speaking (I hope).

    Heaven help us if Tim gets it in his head to pioneer G Glass inplants in his eyeballs.

    Whatever happened to the concept of ‘don’t invade my personal space’ ?

  2. Mary

    Thanks for linking that video! He doesn’t want to die? he wants to live for 1000 years? Now I KNOW this man is crazy! LOL!

    Tim, If you want to know if you have a fever coming on, your body tells you that already you silly man!

    Tim, there IS life after you leave this planet! ;) I know because ‘they’ tell me! :)

    Having said that, seeing the lights under the skin was kinda cool! haha Now we might see LED Skin coming to the marketplace! :D
    (no, I won’t be installing any! lol)