Man sticks giant computer chip into his arm… on his own, without doctor help


A German by the name of Tim Cannon wanted to install a device that would track his biometric data and send it to his Android devices. The problem about installing the device, according to Cannon, is that no certified doctor could perform the operation required to install the computer chip into his arm. So he got some help from some “body modification enthusiasts.”

The image you see above is the result of a job by Steve Haworth, who is an aforementioned body modification enthusiast. But because he’s an enthusiast, and not a licensed doctor, he wasn’t licensed to use anesthetics — making an already painful-looking image even more painful.

The open-source chip, called the Circadia, is able to function beneath his skin because its encased in a protective case. Its powered by a battery which is chargeable wirelessly, meaning he thankfully won’t need to open it up just to charge the thing.

My only question is, couldn’t he have used a smaller chip?

[via MotherboardKotaku]

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