Dutch student creates toy car that is controlled by brain power


What if you could control a car using only the power of your awesome mind? Well, this is possible thanks to Alejo Bernal, a recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven. He created a toy car that can be moved forward by thinking while the user wears a NeuroSky EEG headset that is commercially available.

The current prototype does not allow Bernal to have complete control over the movements of the toy car, the only capability at this point is moving forward. Still, this project is not about pulling off cool tricks with a toy car by using your mind, it’s more designed to help improve the concentration skills of folks with attention deficit disorders.

“As you try to focus, the increased light intensity of the vehicle indicates the level of attention you have reached,” Bernal told Dezeen. “Once the maximum level is achieved and retained for seven seconds, the vehicle starts moving forward. This project helps users to develop deeper, longer concentration by exercising the brain. It is possible for people to train or treat their minds through their own effort and not necessarily using strong medicines, such as ritalin.”

This is impressive stuff, and we’d love to see what else can be done with it as the technology improves overtime. However, if you’re expecting to see Bernal’s prototype on store shelves in the future, don’t hold your breath. You see, it’s a graduation project, and usually these sort of things never see commercial release.

[via Dezeen]

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