Dell laptops come with Windows 8… and cat urine smell


Now this is a laptop problem I haven’t heard about yet. Multiple users of Dell’s Latitude 6430u Ultrabooks have complained that their high-end laptops smell like cat pee. While some users simply thought it smelled similar to cat urine, some users blamed their own cats for the stench on the machines. This is what one user had to say about it:

“I have been blaming a new kitten who I swore was creeping into my closed backpack at night and magically only hitting the PC with a concentrated urine stream which then magically evaporated.”

User DaveFWA on Dell’s support forums, who wrote the above quote, has reportedly apologized to his cat for the accusation, since the problem has been traced back to the manufacturing process.

Initially, Dell’s support technicians recommended customers to clean the laptop’s air vents with compressed air, a method which did not rid the machine of the odor. Dell has since investigated and concluded that a) the cause of the odor is their fault and b) the odor was not hazardous; plus, they also added that if you order a 6430u now (which has both Windows 7 and 8 versions, by the way), it will not have the problem. On the other hand, customers with cat pee-smelling laptops can send their in laptops for replacement parts.

And this is why I’m a tarantula person.

[via CNET]

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