[Windows] Record and annotate your screen with Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

apowersoft_screen_recorderHaving the ability to record your screen can be very useful at times. This is why dotTech’s has a review on the best free screen recording programs for Windows. Not satisfied with the programs we mention? Then maybe Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro is more your liking. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

As the name indicates, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro lets you record your screen plus associated audio. It can also record your web cam.


  • Has the ability to record any and all screen activity, including live streaming videos
  • Has the ability to record web cam (from any program that supports web cams)
  • Can record audio from speakers/sound card (loopback audio) and/or audio from microphone while recording screen or web cam
  • Allows you to annotate screen with shapes, text, and drawings/markings while recording screen
  • When recording screen, you can opt to record whole screen, a specific region of the screen only, or record the region around your mouse (which changes as you move your mouse)
  • Has built-in video converter that allows you to output recorded screen videos or record web cam as various different output formats, including but not limited to AVI, MPEG, MP4, and FLV
  • Has a built-in scheduler for automatic recording
  • If you want, you can opt to record just audio (loopback audio or audio from microphone) and not record screen activity
  • Can perform basic edits on videos when converting — trim, crop, adjust brightness/contrast/saturation and add subtitle
  • Can also take screenshots
  • Supports hotkeys


  • Can’t record screen and web cam at the same time
  • There are many freeware screen recorders that allow you to easily and successfully record screen and/or web cam. If I’m going to pay for a screen recorder, I’d like the ability to have advanced video editing features to process the video after capture. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro doesn’t really have any significant video editing features — the basic video editing features it has are the ones found in almost every video converter. As it stands, you can most — if not all — the functionality of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro by combining a freeware screen recorder with a freeware video converter.
  • Screenshot feature is a bit basic

Conclusion and Download Link

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro has good aspects and then it has some aspects where it is lacking. In terms of recording, it does well and I especially like its ability to annotate while recording screen… a feature not found in many other screen recording programs (especially the freeware ones). What I don’t like is it lacks in after-video-capture editing features. And at $39.95/$99.95, I expect a screen recording program to have more editing features than what Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro has — because there are tons of freeware that can already capture screen and/or web cam, so to convince me to pay you need to provide me with extended functionality.

That said, do I recommend Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro? I’m not going to pass judgement on Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. As I said, it has good aspects and then it has lacking aspects. So you decide — in your opinion, is it good enough for you to overlook the bad? Then grab it. If not, skip it.

Regardless of what decision you make, be sure to read dotTech’s review of best free screen and video recording programs for Windows to learn of some excellent yet free screen/video recorders. Who knows, may be you will find one that you like and then have no need to purchase Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro.

Price: $39,95 (home), $99.99 (business)

Version reviewed: v1.1.9

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8

Download size:

VirusTotal malware scan results:

Is it portable? No

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro homepage

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  1. CJ Cotter

    Sorry to be the dark cloud, but HOW can you people say nice things about this program? Did you not read all of the comments on GOTD? Did you not see the problems people are having with it? For one thing, it installs an audio driver that is incompatible with many computers, including mine. It can record video, but no audio at the “what you hear” sound setting.

  2. firemcd

    Exellent review AS ALWAYS! Been basing my decisions on you over @ GOTD for years. BONUS; I just added your widgets to my home page (igHome).
    RIP iGoogle….(deep sigh)
    Unless you have a problem with it, I want to list your website as a partner for free at my Xbox One forum.
    If this is a problem for you, email me at the email I provided you here-or-use the one on my website. They are the same.
    My review of your work/webite is here;
    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. vanierstein

    Dear Ashraf: ( Re;My previous comment) I always check out your posts,specifically-[Windows] Best free screen recording program (aka best free video capture program)( 1st Edition ) [2nd Edition]. I always appreciate your input !!!

  4. vanierstein

    [@Giovanni] Dear Giovanni-Would you be kind enough to make a comprehensive list of Freeware /reasonably priced programs that can capture / download streaming video,URL’s (e.g. Netfl*x,Hulu,Crackle,NBC,CBS,PBS,etc.,etc.) I have always enjoyed your input on GOTD,as well as other Freeware sites,and I have always wanted to ask you this particular question,because I am always on the hunt for any software relating to this particular function. Ashraf,anyone else,feel free to comment as well,any and all input is greatly appreciated,and Thank You in advance,and also for all your past postings !!! I Always enjoy your posts regarding Freeware alternatives.(After all,if you can get software FREE,preferably,or at a reasonable price,why pay exorbitant sums) ??? Also,I don’t know whether you are aware of Raymondcc forums,but I think you should visit his site as well,if you have not already.A treasure trove of time-sensitive freeware postings from forum members. Thanks ,Again !!

  5. Giovanni

    Of course, I forgot to mention that WINK is NOT really a video recorder as this GAOTD, but despite that it can be used to create great frame by frame tutorials, with the annotation feature, and then can be exported to Flash format to be played on websites as video.

  6. NVP

    Thanks a lot for this great review about Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro.

    It will be better if you can write review for other giveaway which are offered in GlaryGiveawey and Daily Software Giveaway.

    Thanks again,you are doing a good job :)