You can now install CyanogenMod by downloading it from Google Play Store, thanks to new official app

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Many Android users swear by custom firmware CyanogenMod, and routinely go through the not-so-user-friendly process to get it installed (flashed) on their devices. That process has now been made easier with the release of the official CyanogenMod Installer app on the Google Play Store.

The installer offers a one-click solution to get CyanogenMod installed on your handset and is, of course, free. The only requirement is that you have a compatible device (which is nothing new — you always need a compatible device to flash CyanogenMod), and during installation, your phone needs to be tethered to a Windows PC via USB. The companion app for Windows will be released as a free download.

Now that CyanogenMod is easier to install than ever, it’ll likely attract more users than ever. Casual users no longer need to worry about an overly complicated installation, and regular CyanogenMod users should benefit from the streamlined process as well. The only thing we have to worry about? Now that CyanogenMod has gone corporate, will it retain its core values that have attracted millions of people worldwide or will it become just another company that could but didn’t.

CyanogenMod Installer on Google Play Store

[via Droid Life]

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