• rebel66

    I find this stuff funny! I often read them to my Mother (she’s 65 and thinks they are funny too). It is no different than when nurses or secretaries or any people in a service industry get together. They talk about the stupid/funny/weird stuff they deal with sometimes.

    I was a Personal Support Worker for severely physically disabled adults (now disabled myself) and any time a bunch of us were together, we would always swap stories.

    Being in any service type industry is often such a drag. You’re unappreciated, undervalued and often treated poorly. Having a few gems of amusing, shareable material to share with others is a bonus. Lighten up, People!

  • kevbo

    [@Vamien McKalin] I look forward to reading these bits of tech humor. Their authors appear to suffer more from a sense of frustration than moral or intellectual superiority, which of course is the whole point. IMHO. No offense.

    And yes, please stay away from the cutsie kitty stuff. Brush up on your seashore photographic skills instead.

  • kevbo

    Are you people serious??

    [@Susann] Some moron thinks the size of a table will make his computer work faster and harder, and you call it “a skill” that hasn’t been “mastered”?

    And the person who points out this stupidity is “arrogant”?

    [@Jim] Where is the stereo-typing here? He describes the caller as elderly. If he said it was a male or female caller, would you accuse him of spreading sexist stereotypes? He made no generalities that encompassed any group what-so-ever. The only stereotype I see is the one that exists in your own view, which you have hoisted upon this author, in spite of your close to 60 years experience, or maybe as a result of it.

    You people have to lighten up, and stop watching so many cat videos.

    (no offense meant)

  • Jim

    Kindly knock off the “elderly” stereotypes, sonny! I’ve been building, programming, designing, repairing and otherwise working around computers for close to 60 years. I’ll take you on anyday!

  • Becca-1

    I totally agree with Susann on this one.

    Absolutely not funny but some arrogant little men/women trying to make fun of others.

    The very same people would fail miserably when it comes to tasks other excel in.

  • jayesstee

    [@Vamien McKalin] It’s not cat humour we crave, but the “AHHH” type of (big) cat pictures.

  • Vamien McKalin

    [@Susann] No offense, but I find this love for cat humor boring. Personally, I despise the cat centric Internet. I will post more diverse humors in the future, but unless Ashraf says otherwise, it is likely I will never post anything in related to cute little domestic kittens. I view DotTech as a tech and geek related website, not a place for cat humor unless its Nyan Cat.

    I might do something about big cats like a lion. Hmmm, I might just do that tomorrow.

  • jayesstee

    [@Susann] Definite “Cat shortage” lately!

  • Susann

    You know, the first 1 or 2 of these were moderately amusing. Now I just find them mean-spirited and small. Ridiculing someone who lacks skills or knowledge that others of us have mastered isn’t clever, it’s just being smug & arrogant.

    It’s an unfortunate aspect of human nature to make fun of other people in order to make ourselves feel special (we’ve all done it, myself included), but it’s nothing to be proud of & I think it diminishes all of us.

    And I’m sorry for getting all serious and preachy — I try to avoid THAT, too. More cats, Ashraf. That’s what we need. More cats.