Recycling plastic bottles [Infographic]


Recycling is good for the environment so you should get in on the action. Ironically enough, I’ve never recycled anything in my life, seems that time has come.

[via Water Stories]

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  • Mags

    [@Ashraf] I wasn’t raging on Vamien. If I was I would have used harsher language.

    The word shame means “a regrettable or unfortunate situation or action” or synonyms; cause for regret, source of regret, sad thing, unfortunate thing.”

    It wasn’t said in rage or anger. If it was taken that way then I apologize.

  • Ashraf

    [@CJ Cotter] No need to apologize, it is all good.

    I’m from the US but not everyone is. We have a global audience, and our writers are from all parts of the world.

    [@vandamme] LOL

  • [@CJ Cotter] DotTech has visitors from other star systems, judging from their comments.

  • CJ Cotter

    [@Ashraf] Oh! I thought that you and all your peeps lived in the U.S. or Canada. Did not realize that this was an international network. My bad!

    While were at it, here’s an amazing African teen who used recycled products to create a windmill and provide power for his village. He puts us all to shame.

  • Our recycle can is always twice as much as the trash can. We also have 4 or 5 big compost bins going. All our clean newspaper goes right in the garden as mulch (keeps down weeds, and degrades over a year). I used to go out on trash days and pick up bags of leaves (80 or so) but I don’t have my big cargo van any more. Imagine, people throw away fertilizer!

  • Ashraf

    Everyone raging on Vamien need to step back and realize there is a world outside your country. Regular trash collection is a rare privilege in many nations around the world, much less recycling.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@Mags] [@Mags] We already pay for trash pick up. It’s rolled into our water & sewer bill, but it’s paid to a service with a city contract. I don’t particularly like this system because choice is taken out of your hands. The city takes bids, lowest bidder gets the contract. Where we lived before, you contracted the service that you wanted.

    We are reusing things a lot more since relocating, and making even more of an effort to buy less plastic. We also compost now, which we hadn’t done before. We collect our papers and plastics, and when we have enough we take them with us on a grocery buying trip and drop them at the collection center.

    We had a small garden this year, mostly tomatoes and herbs, but I’m planning on a much more ambitious project next spring. Gotta put that compost heap to use!

  • CJ Cotter

    @Vamien Yes, shame on you! I am certain that there is a grocery store near you that will take your recycled products, especially plastic. You have NO excuse!

  • Daniel

    From former CEO of Nestle, Peter Brabeck, stated rather clearly in an interview for a documentary called “We Feed The World,” that he believes water should not be a public right and that it should be something only the wealthy have access to.
    Found online from a search. Even though it says former CEO, this is a good reason not to buy bottled water from any corporation.

  • Mags

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    I now live in a small city. Population just enough to qualify to be called a city, approx 35,000. So much smaller than when I lived in TO or Waterloo. In TO recycling pickup was only in it’s infancy when I left. Waterloo was big on it and there wasn’t any charge for garbage PU either.

    Now that I’m in Stratford (yeah, that’s right, home town of the Beibs, probably more famous now for that than the Festival Theater) we have to pay for garbage PU. Result is that I now reuse and recycle just about everything I can. I’m even composting now since I have a small yard. I put out garbage about once every 6 – 8 weeks. Mind you it is just garbage for myself so that’s why so small. If I have to pay, I wait until my garbage bin is full. It is covered, so no smell in the summer LOL.

    Anyway, point I want to make is why don’t you suggest having garbage PU paid for, that way the cost of recycling PU would be covered. We pay $2.25 for a tag for each bag/bin of garbage. That way the cost of recycling PU could be covered.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    So many places in the US don’t even offer recycling with trash pick up. It’s fairly standard in larger areas, but not so much in smaller communities.

    A little over a year ago I was living in a metropolitan area with a population of more than two and a quarter million. Recycling was readily available, with curbside pickup for plastics and paper, as well as your bagged yard waste. Recycling got a lot of press on local chat shows, in the papers, even on billboards and television commercials.

    Today I live in a metro area with a population of 100,000, and that’s spread over three counties. Recycling isn’t even offered as a service. If you have plastic or paper that you want to recycle, you have to pack them up and drop them off at a recycle center. Most people aren’t willing to make the effort, even if they have the time for it.

    Mind you, I’m not knocking my community. It’s just that for small town America recycling isn’t always as simple as separating things into bins and placing it on the curb for pick up.

    I’ve talked to my local Waste Management rep about the issue, but was told that offering recycling to their customers in this area would not be cost effective for them. And that, in the end, is the bottom line.

  • Mags

    @Vamien “Ironically enough, I’ve never recycled anything in my life, seems that time has come.” Same on you! Yes you NEED to start recycling now.

    Where I live we have to pay for garbage pickup. Why? Because people were not recycling enough.

    You’d be surprised at how many people start recycling when they realize that it will cost $ to pay for all the recyclable material they were throwing out in the garbage.