Woman calls tech support for computer help, doesn’t actually own a computer [Humor]

30 minutes tech support

Such actions would cause even the faintest of heart to go berserk. Tech support agents, dotTech is on the verge of creating your very own Kraken for times like these.

[via Reddit]

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  • David Roper

    Back “in the day” when PC Computers had a floppy drive with a little door that raised up and down to insert the floppy, I had a secretary in the pharmacy call me and ask why her floppy disk wasn’t working. I told her to insert the floppy and close the door.

    Yes, you are ahead of me, I heard her walk across the wooden floor and close the outside door to the pharmacy. She came back and said it still wasn’t working. I then told her it was the little “flap” where she put the disk into. …and the rest is history. Finally, success.

    True story, hand to – you know whom.