Suspect arrested in shooting over PS4


On December 1st, a young man named Ikenna Uwakah was shot and killed in San Fransisco, after agreeing online to meet up and sell a PS4.

Uwakah was only 22 and Ronnie Collins has been arrested on suspicion of his murder. It is believed Collins placed an ad and arranged to meet up in the Bayview area. Uwakah arrived with his girlfriend and was shot in the passenger seat of their car. The suspect then ran off after taking the PS4. Uwakah was brought to the San Francisco General Hospital, where he passed away.

It is unclear if Collins intended to use the PS4 for himself or sell it and if he is indeed guilty of the crime; it will still be a while before anything happens with this case. The site the console was advertised on is not known either, the only details we have now is that it wasn’t on Craigslist.

Let’s see what happens.

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