“Hoaxes that fooled the world” [Infographic]


Hoaxes have been around before centuries, we’ve all experienced at least one before. Yet, they still manage to be the biggest trolls in human history.

Let us know in the comments if you recognized any of the hoaxes in this infographic and tell us about any others that didn’t make the list.

[via Best Psychology Degree]

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  1. Darcy

    Nebraska Man – A tooth found in 1917 in Nebraska was used to deduce the existence of Nebraska Man, originally thought to be a species of ape by most scientists. The tooth was later identified as belonging to a species of Pig (peccary). Count this one as a mistake more than a hoax.

    Piltdown man, discovered between 1908 and 1915 at gravel pits in Piltdown England, was found to be a skull from a human and the jawbone of an orangutan. In 1953 the British Museum issued a statement identifying it as a hoax. The orangutan remains had been heavily altered and transplanted to the site. The deception included breaking off parts of the mandible that would reveal the mismatch, coloring it with stain to match the skull, filing the teeth of the mandible to match those of the human upper jaw, and filing the canine tooth, to make it look properly worn. Complete hoax.

    Peking Man was discovered in China during the 1920s and 1930s. At the site were also found the remains of ten fully human inhabitants who quarried the limestone, built fires, and left behind a variety of tools. It seems that – far from being the ancestor of modern man – Peking Man was not only a contemporary, but may also have been his dinner. Cannibalism since Peking Man is now reclassified as Homo Erectus.

    I count all three of these as hoaxes since they are still taught in our school systems as real ancestors of modern humans. There are other examples that are less easy to define. The original skeleton of Neanderthal man was later discovered to be fully human, suffering from Rickets, Arthritis, etc but there are now some 500 skeletons and skeleton fragments classified as Neanderthal. You can’t discount them all based on just the original one.


    to name a few sources

  2. CJ Cotter

    Then there’s the hoax where a waitress says that a couple of gay-haters stiffed her on a tip and wrote a slur on the dinner check. This prompted thousands of people to send her money “to make up for the tip”. The waitress then proclaimed that the rest would go to Wounded Warriors.

    Then the so-called gay-haters produced a reciept and bank statement showing that they did tip the waitress, and offered other statements indicating that they are gay supporters.

    None of the money has gone to Wounded Warriors. Are we suckers, or what?

  3. etim

    I always liked the old “We’re from the phone co. and we will be cleaning the lines tomorrow…be sure to wrap all your telephones and receivers in tin foil to avoid damage and/or dust accumulation in your living spaces…”