52-year-old man walks in 800-pound boots

iron shoes

A simple stroll per day is good for your health an also quite relaxing. During these walks, folks like you and I would likely wear sneakers, but Beijing factory owner Zhang is a different kettle of fish. This awesome 52 year old walks around in iron boots that both weighs over 440 pounds on a daily basis. This means everyday he’s pulling over 800 pounds like boss, while you guys can barely take a step outside without catching a cold.

Zhang has been walking 15 meters for seven years in these 800 pound boots. We’d like to think this man could roundhouse kick a guy’s face off clean as a whistle. This is one person you don’t want to mess with on the streets, for you might end up seeking a face implant.

Interestingly enough, Zhang claims that walking in the iron shoe helps with back pains. He further went on to say that the Chinese spiritual martial art of Qigong helps him greatly to walk in these shoes. It’s no wonder that younger people are unable to lift even a single boot as depicted by the video. Plus, Zhang, is so confident, he leaves his prized 800 pound boots outside knowing very well that no one can steal them.

“It’s not strong muscles that make you able to walk like this, the power comes from internal organs,” the 52-year-old says. “When you walk with your heart it will work.”

The big question is, can he backflip in these boots?

[via SCMP]

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