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  1. kevbo

    [@Donna Rae] By looking at the photo; its not a reindeer, the only kind of deer which pull Santa’s sleigh and can survive the brutal north pole winters. I would guess the photo is of a red deer. But maybe Santa changes deer teams during the night, so these may be what he uses while traveling through England and Europe, so Vamien and Machar may be correct.

    And no, I have not spoken to him. I used to write him letters many years ago, but I stopped doing that when I got older and realized he was never going to write back.

  2. Machar

    Very few overseas visitors to London ever make it to Richmond Park, the largest by far of Greater London’s green spaces, and IMNSHO the best by far. You lazy, lazy visitors.

    @kevbo – Where does it say that the deer is summoning other red deer? Are you unaware of the magical connection between the various deer species? (OK, I’m making this up, but why not add to the volumes of crap relating to Christmas – if Coca Cola and Hollywood can do it, then why not the rest of us…?) :p