Skógafoss in Iceland [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Pretty good, but the photographer made the mistake of going with black and white. At least, I think so.

[via National Geographic]

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  • Sputnik

    Very beautiful.

    If you want to see natural falls like these in North America, you have the very well known Niagara Falls, but also Montmorency Falls at half an hour east of Quebec City.

    If ever you go there, don’t forget to go in the Charlevoix region which is very beautiful.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    To me, this looks more like a nighttime photo than a black & white one.

  • kevbo

    [@DatsBeautiful] Thanks. Dats Beautiful

  • DatsBeautiful

    Colored Photos of Skógafoss in Iceland ‘My Favorite’ is

  • kevbo

    He was going for the Ansel Adams effect.