• Tom

    Good News! My key accounts came up clean… Then the bitter realization…

    The webpage also informed me that both accounts were now queued for compromise.

    So it’s like googling your name to check your online anonymity… once you’ve done that, you are no longer anonymous.

  • Mr Steve Barrett

    Interesting idea; however, the only account that shows up for me is Adobe. Either I have been extremely lucky or this site isn’t really that good.

  • CJ Cotter

    I entered my email and it said that my Adobe account was “pwned” (back in October, along with 153 million others). Well, Adobe already set it up so that when customers attempted to log in, it would force you to change your password, which I already did.

    So now, it is “safe” again, so the warning to me is now obsolete. Nevertheless, it’s good to have this around to check from time to time.