Survey shows people care more about hacking than privacy


In a recent Computer and Communication Industry Association interview with 1,000 American, the resounding response is that more people are concerned about being hacked rather than having their information tracked by advertisers.

About half of the people that took the survey indicated either they or someone they knew had had their email account breached, received a suspicious email from someone whose account has been hacked, or had a financial account breached. All 1,000 surveyed agreed, getting hacked is far scarier than being tracked.

When asked 74 percent of the group said they worry about being hacked while online. Only 54 percent said they worried about being tracked by advertisers. Astonishing, considering all the news about government spying, only 15 percent of those interviewed were worried about the government hacking into their information.

Of course, if this group is to be believed, 83 percent claim to have passwords on their devices and 76 percent use different passwords for different services. A whopping 65 percent claim to have read the privacy policies as well possibly attributing to why so few were concerned about the threat of privacy invasion.

[via All Things Digital]

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