Researchers send text messages using vodka


Texting has never been so… addicting. Two researchers have found a way to send messages by using vodka, and no they weren’t consuming it at the time.

According to their paper, the researchers evaporated the vodka and then used the concentration levels to send the message, which was the lyrics to “O Canada” across the room. The concentration levels of vodka represented bits 1 and 0. Their specially designed receiving unit detected the concentration of vodka in the air.

The whole process is slow and at the time will only work in a closed environment. The maximum range the researchers have tested so far is only about twelve feet but there is hope that the range can increase.

The idea is that this method could be used to send messages in areas that are closed and a user is unable to access Wi-Fi or cellular signals. Another possible use of this technology is to communicate on a nanoscale, allowing scientists to target cancer cells or drugs in a human body.

[via Ars Technica]

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  • I can burp “Jingle Bells”, but not “O Canada”, the sharps and flats are too complex.

  • Mike S.

    No doubt, significant taxpayer $$ were used to establish this concept. ;^)

    But really, I actually can see some development of the concepts here in the future, albeit not necessarily with vodka . . . .

  • Keith H.

    Been using vodka and other liquors to communicate for years, m’self.

    “Hey, bartender! I wanna buy that hot woman over there a drink! Heh heh heh….”

    So I’m sending a packet to a destination through an ISP, right? “Inebriation and Socialization Provider…”