Sea Lion takes peek at underwater photographer [Amazing Photo of the Day]


This sea lion pup seems fascinated with the divers, who are underwater while snapping this photo. Look at those big puppy dog eyes staring into the camera, probably wondering what an ugly fish that human is.

[via National Geographic]

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  1. Bruce Fraser

    Wow, that photo is really disorienting! It looks like the sea lion is poking its head out of the water, in a filthy area which had an oil spill. But then I see two little striped fish swimming by ON TOP of that rock.

    The National Geographic page clarifies: “I noticed the sea lion was curious enough to stick his head under the water and see what I was doing.”

    So the key is to turn upside down one’s conception of reality: we’re UNDER the water, looking UP at the sky. That explains the appearance of oily scum: it’s just the movement of the surface water.