Google Music is giving away free albums and songs


For the interested folks, Google is giving away a lot of free goodies right now via the Google Play store. Are you a fan of Kanye West? Well, Yeezus and Chvrches’ The Bones of What You Believe are free for a limited time. Google calling this giveaway bonanza Play Pick 2013 and there’s a small catch. Apparently, the limited time free contents will differ across regions, so if you’re in the UK, you might not get access to the same free content available in the U.S.

Google play is also giving away the breakout-artist and the superlatives album of the year. Alongside that, users can get their hands on 20 free singles, which includes Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor,” Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” and Disclosure’s “When A Fire Starts To Burn”. Bear in mind though, to take advantage of these offers, you’ll have to give Google your credit card number, which is pretty lame because users are not required to pay for the free contents.

This is clearly a ploy to gain new customers into the Google Music fray. Once the search giant has your credit card on file, be sure you’ll be getting a lot of other deals which will require you to pay.

Still, despite all the set backs to gain access to some free music content, we recommend giving it a spin if you have a credit card or debit card with a Visa or Mastercard logo.

[via Google Play]

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