Dynamic Dummy Image Generator: Generate hassle-free placeholder/”dummy” images

We have all seen Lorem Ipsum text floating around. In short, Lorem Ipsum is just a bunch of gibberish letters/words used as “placeholders” or “dummy text” when the author of something (a website template, a brochure, etc.) wants to showoff some aspect of their work, but does not want to distract the audience by text or just doesn’t want to take the time to use “real” words.

In that respect, Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is to images as Lorem Ipsum is to text. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator is a free, convenient web service that allows users to create “dummy images”, like so:

A Dummy Image

With DDIG (Dynamic Dummy Image Generator) users can create dummy images of all sizes (there is a size limit however – the largest image that I have been able to generate is a 7000×6600), and of three different formats: JPG, PNG, and GIF (images can also be “format-less”, so to speak). After the images are generated, users can either directly hot-link the images from DDIG (if the images are needed to be displayed on a website), or save the images to their computers and use the images wherever and whenever needed.

Using DDIG is, as I said, hassle free. Simply add a widthxheight after http://dummyimage.com/ and an image will be generated for you once you visit the website. (You may also attach a .jpg, .png, or .gif after the height to get an image in the respective format, but adding a format is not necessary). For example, the image you see above was generated by adding 234×113.jpg to http://dummyimage.com/ to get http://dummyimage.com/234×113.jpg.

Are you ready to generate your very own dummy images (maybe for fun… =D)? Here is a link to the homepage of DDIG:

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator homepage

[via Lifehacker]

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  • I prefer http://getdummyimage.com wich can customize a little bit the generated image to fit better in the layout

  • Jim Van Damme

    We need a utility to keep track of oddball utilities that you can never find when you need them.

  • I’m glad people are liking it as much I did when I created it. I just added some new features today that let you choose colors and add custom text. Check it out http://dummyimage.com

  • Tommy M

    I like this one, http://www.randomimagegenerator.com same kind of generator but generates images that look like abstract paintigs, a bit more classy :P

  • Cornflower

    I really like this, and have had over the years many places where this would be useful. I had in the past resorted to cropping a picture in Irfanview to the size.

    Since one of my issues is losing track of the utilities and as often as not all the web sites with these one-off utilities, today I tried a different tack:
    1. Open Irfanview
    2. Shift-N (new image)
    3. type in the width and height, and background colour
    4. Drag a box within the new image
    5. Ctrl-T
    6. type in the ipsum lorem text, size of image, etc and adjust the font if desired. ($Wx$H gives you the width and height automatically)

    Now I can continue my practice of using a pair of pliers where others use tweezers . Keep up the good work, Ashraf!

  • Ron

    May take a couple of days before I have time to play with this. Thanks!

  • muhammad

    thanks Ashraf