Quebec woman builds $30,000 Star Trek basement

star trek

In Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Canada, which is a little ways north of Quebec, Line Rainville has spent $30,000 to create a Star Trek themed basement that will make any fan of the series jealous.

Rainville is an incredibly big fan of the original Star Trek series, which aired in the 1960s. She has had some of the Enterprise’s bridge put in, as well as a transporter room, Spock’s room, the recreation room as well as observation deck.

“I was 9 when I first watched ‘Star Trek’ in French with my father,” Rainville said to CNET. “I became addicted to this show and during the week, and I looked forward to each Tuesday at seven for another episode. I enjoyed ‘Star Trek’ because it was about space, unknown worlds, and aliens who often ended up being more friendly than expected. I enjoyed learning about Vulcans and seeing the interactions between the characters.

Once it was all complete Rainville says that she was almost transported to another world. “Standing there, being 51 years old, I was kind of beamed back into that 9-year-old girl’s mind who so often wished her beloved Captain Kirk could bring her aboard his vessel,” she said.

“All at once, I was aboard the Enterprise. The illusion had became my reward. I told my mother and my sister that it was so strange. I’m not sure they have fully understood how I was feeling. But they were there, supportive and sharing this unique moment.”

She does admit to being slightly jealous of Spock though. “I was fond of Kirk and almost jealous of Spock because he was always around the captain, a place I wanted to claim.”













[via Cnet]

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  • Machar

    Pales in comparison with Tony Alleyne’s small flat conversion in Leicestershire, England. (Other videos and articles featuring it are all over the Web).

    I’m not sure which is sadder, the fact that he’s had to put it on the market after his divorce, or the fact that a grown man actually spent such a crazy sum in creating a juvenile dream.

    Oh, wait a sec, I DO know which is sadder! :p

  • dtwill08

    i want one

  • sci

    That’s insane! But I love it.