“Hi, I am calling from the Windows support team and you have a virus on your computer” [Humor]

calling from windows tech support

I hope there comes a day when one of these guys give me a call. I’d play around with him till the near end when he requires cash. I’ll then ask if he wants me to send him cash in the equivalent of coconuts.

This guy trolled the scammer real good, though, and I like it.

[via Reddit]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    It’s sad that people fall for these kinds of scams. It’s pretty simple; if you didn’t initiate the phone call, hang up.

  • AT

    The best troll on these guys was reported on the news. The recipient of the call told them that he was on his cell and to call him back at his phone next to the computer. He gave them the phone number of the RCMP’s fraud line.

  • patchworks

    We get these all the time. It’s best to play them for about 30 minutes (it’s their phone bill not yours) and then ask “Are you sure this is right, because I use a Linux distro.” They wil either lose it completely and start swearing at you or slam the phone down. Either way, I put my phone down and walk away smiling to myself.

  • AT

    I received one of those calls too. When they asked me if I knew my computer was infected by a virus, I answered “Yes. I collect viruses.” Never got another call.

  • BearPup

    This is an oft repeated phone call. I have gotten two myself, and there have been at least half-a-dozen emails that I’ve gotten doing tech support @ Microsoft where people have gotten this exact same call. As people tend to have their windows OS enabling Remote Access, the instant advice is to break the phone call so nothing can be remoted in.

    Having said that, I too have strung ‘James’ along ’till he got tired of the game and hung up!

  • madbilby

    Publish your phone number….. your wish will be granted….. lol