How to get iOS 6 app switcher in iOS 7 [Tip, Jailbreak]

One of the major features added to iOS 7 is the card-style app switcher . While some loved it , others hated it . iOS 6 app switcher presented more open apps and provided a quick way of closing the apps rather than sliding up the tiles to close them. But the card-style app switcher adds a sleeker look to the app switcher than did the previous one . However if you’re looking for a way to get rid of the current app switcher and switch back to the iOS 6 style then the good news is that a jailbreak tweak called ClassicSwitcher has been recently released that brings back the old app switcher to iOS 7 devices .

Apps are closed by holding on them until is starts jiggling then tap the close button to close the app just like how it worked on iOS 6 .


Not only does it bring back the old app switcher but it also adds more functionality’s as well. You get the option to enable multiple rows of open apps and multiple opening animations and overlay styles . You also have the ability to close all apps by dragging right on the first page .

You’ll be able to enable or disable ClassicSwitcher via settings , add 1-3 rows of open apps , quit all apps easily , enable a confirmation message to appear before quitting all apps , choose the overlay style and opening animation.

If you’re bored of the current iOS 7 app switcher or would like to return to the iOS 6 app switcher then you must try ‘ClassicSwitcher’ . It provides more features and a quicker way of closing all apps . ClassicSwitcher developed by Thomas Finch is available on BigBoss Cydia repo for $0.99 and is worth its price considering the additional features that it .

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