“I uninstalled Windows 9 today!” [Humor]

downgrade from windows 9

This is incredible. Reports claim that Microsoft plans to release Windows 9 in 2015, and yet… this guy is obviously a time traveler.

[via Reddit]

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  1. Merlin

    Many users don’t know the difference between all of Microsoft’s products.
    My boss often refers to windows 2010 when he actualy means Office 2010. Also IE is mixed up with Windows or Office.
    I suppose they see the label Microsoft and some version number… and get lost. :)

  2. Grantwhy

    I’m guessing the problem was Internet Explorer updating to IE9, and the ‘insert terrible software’ wanted/worked better with IE8.

    Yes, the user doesn’t know the difference between Windows versions and Internet Explorer versions, but their ignorance doesn’t excuse the tech from not working on the problem.

    even if that means (shock/horror) talking to the user and telling them what their problem actually is :-p