How many people are willing to try this? [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I do things like this all the time… from within video games. The last time I climbed a tree was a few months ago to grab a sweet ripe mango from the tree top. Couldn’t allow birds to eat it.

[via National Geographic]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Kelli] Can I take that as a “yes”?

  • MikeBear

    Depending on the focal length of the lens used and the position of the photographer it could be 100 m (or even 1000m) to the water.
    Free climbing ain’t for me!

  • Ed


    HA! you know I didn’t even notice that when I first seen the picture!

    In that case …. NO problem!

  • Kelli

    He’s three meters off the water…. so what?

  • Ed

    Ummmm …… NO, and would not even think about it.