Common Potoo is a lazy bird [Amazing Photo of the Day]

weird bird

Weird looking bird, I’m sure. It’s called the Common Potoo, and you’ll find it perched on a tree somewhere in Central and North America. They hunt during the night, and sleep throughout the day. Lazy birds.

[via Rederr]

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  • JMJ

    Knowledge be damned, @gathome! I don’t want to know ANYTHING about this hugly (hugely ugly) creature. Of COURSE, it’s nocturnal: all the other birds voted and decided that this species could not show its face during daylight hours so as not to scare small children. It is a mess; nothing like its cute, also nocturnal distant, distant cousins, the owls. (My apologies to all you owls reading this.)

    I am now going to spend the rest of today reformatting my system in an effort to forget having seen this abomination which VirusTotal flags 728/728 as a virus.

    Thanks a lot, Vamien, for the eye pollution. :-p

  • gathome


    The Common Potoo, Grey Potoo, Lesser Potoo or Poor-me-one (Nyctibius griseus), is a nocturnal bird which breeds in tropical Central and South America from Nicaragua to northern Argentina and northern Uruguay.
    More at Wikipedia