Reminder: Windows 7 RC automatically shuts down every two hours starting March 1st

Back in May Microsoft made the release candidate (RC) of Windows 7 available for free download to everyone. (Undoubtedly many people downloaded it and some may even be still using it.) To ensure Microsoft would not lose revenue by people using Windows 7 RC – instead of purchasing it after Windows 7 came out – Microsoft placed some restrictions on it. One of these restrictions was that at a certain date Windows 7 RC would stop working. Well ladies and gents, that date is coming on us faster than we think: Windows 7 RC will stop working on June 1, 2010. However, prior to June 1, starting on March 1, 2010 all Windows 7 RC will start automatically shutting down every two hours. So if you are still using Windows 7 RC, don’t wait until June 1 to buy the public release edition (assuming you want to buy it) – do it before March 1 or else your computing life may become a living… well lets just say it won’t be pleasant.

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