Check email address validity with Email Address Checker

Have you ever wondered if an email is valid?  Perhaps you want to see if the support email on a software developer’s website is real.  Now, there’s a tool for that.

Discover Email Address Checker, a webapp from Rolosoft:

Just enter an email address into the box and click “Check!”.  If it is not valid, this shows up:

If it is valid, however, it shows this:

Email Address Checker can also show you the email addresses you’ve recently checked:

Note that:

  • There are limitations to Email Address Checker. For example, Yahoo and Altavista e-mail address cannot be validated. This is what I got when I tried a Yahoo address:

You can gain more detail on the limitations of Email Address Checker via the documentation.

  • Email Address Checker is for “non-commercial” use only.

In the end, despite its limitations, I think that this is a tool that can be useful.


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