Check email address validity with Email Address Checker

Have you ever wondered if an email is valid?  Perhaps you want to see if the support email on a software developer’s website is real.  Now, there’s a tool for that.

Discover Email Address Checker, a webapp from Rolosoft:

Just enter an email address into the box and click “Check!”.  If it is not valid, this shows up:

If it is valid, however, it shows this:

Email Address Checker can also show you the email addresses you’ve recently checked:

Note that:

  • There are limitations to Email Address Checker. For example, Yahoo and Altavista e-mail address cannot be validated. This is what I got when I tried a Yahoo address:

You can gain more detail on the limitations of Email Address Checker via the documentation.

  • Email Address Checker is for “non-commercial” use only.

In the end, despite its limitations, I think that this is a tool that can be useful.


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  • jim nelson

    test sending email

  • Ramesh Kumar


  • @Ramesh Kumar: To reply to a comment, click the reply button in the lower right corner of the box that comment is in. It will automatically link to that comment when you click on the final result.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Locutus (your comment no.33)

    Thanks for your guidance

    Ramesh:) :D

  • @Jon: Not all of us run PHP servers…

  • Jon

    Here’s a free php script that works even better.

  • A. S.


    I’ve just tried this for a few addreses:

    – “…”: Unknown
    – “…”: Unknown
    – “…”: Valid

  • @Adrian: But I just want to unsubscribe from this particular post :(

  • Adrian

    @Locutus: If I don’t remember wrongly, you can uncheck “receive email for new comment posted on your submission” or s/th similar inside the WordPress dashboard.

    Of course, if you use this method, you’ll have to check it again later if you post again.

  • @Ashraf: Not one that I can see-the email I’m getting is the one for managing the new comments.

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: Go to the e-mail you get. There should be a link in there to unsubscribe. If not, let me know.

  • @Stockel1949: That’s not good.

  • Stockel1949

    They cannot accept address in “.name” domain name like “”.
    This kind of domain existe since 2000 !!!

  • @Ashraf: When I click “Manage your subscriptions” at the bottom of this page, it says “You may not access this page without a valid key”. I want to unsubscribe because I’ve gotten 32 emails from this post.

  • @Ramesh Kumar: Just type in : and ) to get :) or : and D to get :D

  • Ramesh Kumar

    yes dear friend LOL

  • @Adrian: Yup!

  • Adrian

    @Ramesh Kumar and Samuel: Has this comment thread turned into a mini-forum? :)

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Locutus (reference your comment 21)

    Oh okay so there are no buttons as such for me to take. Therefore its not a computer problem at my end or yours. So I need to import smilies myself? How do I do that? Please guide me. Smilies are indeed great to use I agree with you 100%. They are there in my forum blog but not inside the main blog?!


  • @Ramesh Kumar: Thank you very much.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Bullseye! Indeed it is “The 411 on Process Virtual Machines” Thanks, I’ll read & seek any clarification if required. Upon a fast read it looks “simply loveable” and also “loveably simple”. Wow!



  • Ramesh Kumar

    Great. Thanks Ashraf, Locutus & Samuel I’ll “ungoodnight pronto” & instead click the “here” link again


  • @Ramesh Kumar: No trouble at all. And the first one is the article I ment.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    In tips & tricks 2 search results:-
    1) process virtual machines
    2) Folder Marker 2.1

    Thanks & bye. I’ll go through them. Sorry for the trouble.


  • @Ashraf: Woops, my bad. I was going to check that I had but than I read you fixed it. Thanks!

    You’re changing servers?

  • Ashraf

    @Ramesh Kumar: The reason Samuel’s “here” link did not work is because he accidentally included a quote in it. I have fixed it; it should work in all browsers, in including Opera.

    @Locutus: Another feature I should add. Remind me in a few days after I have moved servers.

  • @Ramesh Kumar: Smilies still work :D We just don’t have little buttons for them :( You’ll need to experiment to find ones that work (;

  • Ramesh Kumar


    I am in Opera 10.10 right now. Clicking “here” did not fetch any web page either in this tab or in a new tab. I’ve enabled Javascript & indeed everything including images at present. Either the web page was a cached one & the cache expired upon updation or the blankness could be due to other reasons e.g. its webmaster has asked Google to de-Index the page.

    Assuming for the immediate present that it could be a browser issue let me try Firefox. Therefore I am logging out of Opera & into Firefox pronto. Kindly wait for me if possible. Else if the time is inconvenient I’ll post a reply & you could revert at a time convenient to you. Thanks a ton either way!


  • @Ramesh Kumar: I can’t claim to be an expert on the Registry, more of a person with more than common amount of knowledge about it. I’ll take a look at the forum though.
    As to .NET although I havn’t wrtien an article about .NET it’s self I did write one about .NET like technology which gives an overview of the good and bad. You can find it here.
    I don’t think you’re being pushy at all.

  • Ramesh Kumar


    I intuit you do understand .NET rather well. For us out here it’s in any case appropriate to understand why something is good before decrying it to be bad.

    I don’t want you to misunderstand me because of these repeated chats with you on this thread. Please do not misunderstand that as pushiness on my part.

    I did not know how to contact you & like a blessing I just happened to get the opportunity! Within that short window I am making my requests.

    So among your articles planned could you thread one on .NET too please? I am certain that it would help many because even today – everyone has an option to either jump onto the .NET bandwagon or to not jump onto it.


  • Ramesh Kumar


    Thanks chief. I am excitedly (hopefully) awaiting the sequels on registry from you. BTW I have Advanced SysCare Pro whose registry cleaner offers a deep scan mode. Unlike the other apps, that is, Glarys Utilities Pro, jvPowerTools 2009, WinUtilities 9.41 Pro & Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010 this bloke does not explain the deep scanned items.

    I can neither accuse the app of being a conman nor am I able to use the app because of my ignorance regarding deep scan mode.

    I even started a forum thread in dottech regarding registry cleaning deep scan. While the deep scan question remained unanswered respondents however gave me excellent clarity on several issues including – don’t do it too frequently, it may not increase speed much & also why registry cleaning in fact should not at all be done. All this is there in that thread.

    I can only request you to read that thread. If you post that would be a great honour & also a big help to many people.

    Regarding .NET I’ve done a deep probe into this & reasoned out why its not good right now. I PowerPointed rather than putting reasoning into a word file because PowerPoint forces one to be sequentially logical whereas Word files can spoil us into becoming verbose.

    I’d love any incorrect reasoning on my part to be corrected by a knowledgeable person like you since there is no shame in admitting any incorrect reasoning & correcting oneself.


  • @Ramesh Kumar: No problem, out of curiosity why don’t you have the .NET framework (depending on the reason you may be able to run offline .NET applications).

    If you mean the article “Tweak your computer with registry hacks, Part 1: Introduction”, then yes that’s me. Either way, I really must get more articles out soon. Unfortunately the real world has me too busy to really work on articals but I’m trying.

  • Ramesh Kumar


    Thanks. I’ll therefore take it now onwards that my not having .NET does not necessarily mean that I can’t use a .NET online service. It only means that I cannot use a .NET offline app.

    BTW though my question is not relevant to this thread are you by any chance the same Samuel who wrote the superb article How to clean registry part 1. If so can you please also give us part 2, 3, 4…

    With the help of this blog & its stalwarts I want to understand that subject better.

    I did not know how to contact you so I took this chance.

    Thanks again


  • @Ramesh Kumar: All a .Net Web Service means is that the sever uses .NET to do what ever it does. Same as an ASP.NET site. Though your confusion is really their fault since the way they say it makes it sound like you need .NET

  • Wheezer

    Cool tool. Probably won’t use it very often, but it’s good to know it’s there when I do want it.

    Thanks Locutus!

  • gpc111

    Hello all. This is a nice service. Thank you for the tip. However it came up with unknown for my hotmail address. But it did validate my work address.

  • Dan

    If you look at their commercial offerings, they provide bulk e-mail checking services for spammers, so they can avoid millions of bounces, getting blacklisted as a result. I wonder what they do with the e-mails from these free personal tests.

  • Happy Person

    OOPS! I meant to say “”.

  • Happy Person

    I also tried it on a company’s Italian Hotmail email account, ending in “” and it did not work either. Hopefully, the developer will expand its features to include all types of email accounts in the future.

  • Adrian

    This is a bad service! Not that it’s not useful, but it’s useful to both us and spammers! They can write scripts to use this service to check for valid email addresses and SPAM them! I personally think that the developers should add a Captcha to this service.

  • Alan

    I used it to check an email address that I’ve had for years and it said invalid. Not a Yahoo or Altavista one.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Could someone guide me on this please?

    I can use emoticons on the forum blog because they are there on my machine. I can click amongst a selection.

    No list of emoticons appear in the main blog.I find emoticons useful while saying sorry, thanks, etc etc

    Pls help.

    Also I am also not finding the bold, italic etc buttons – neither in the main blog nor in the forum blog

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Sorry Locutus it does work.

    When I clicked upon your “documentation” link this was the comment it offered –
    “Web service documentation Contact Checker Pro Web Service is a Microsoft™ .NET web service. It can be used with any platform or client that is compatible with the supported protocols listed below”.

    My fault. When i read this I thought that since it says that it is a .NET service & I do not have .NET therefore I cannot use it. Obviously one can use .NET services even if one does not have .NET.

    Sorry. Thanks, it works & is very useful


  • @Aang: You’re welcome :P

  • @Ramesh Kumar: Really? Huh. Wait- I just tested it in my Chrome OS virtual machine, and it worked. I don’t think it needs anything but a web browser to run.

  • Now that’s what I call a “way out” for my problem.
    Thanks, Locutus.

  • Ramesh Kumar

    It’s a good tool offering good features. It also has a very good sensible eula. It works only on .NET which unfortunately I don’t have