A typical comic book movie casting [Comic]

comic book movie casting

Comic book nerds, I am also one of you, but I don’t act like this – well not all the time. You know, let’s give Zack Snyder a chance along with the cast chosen to play Batman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor. Whining and moaning won’t get you anywhere but being a dummy.

Picture this. Remember that Bryan Cranston was an actor in the TV show, Malcolm in The Middle? If you had known what type of character Walter White was before Breaking Bad came out, would you have wanted Bryan Cranston to take the roll? Probably not, because he was goofy in Malcolm in The Middle. Everyone likes him now because they see what he can do in a particular role.

We have not seen Jesse Eisenberg in a role like this before, so give him a chance to see if he can pull off a great Lex Luthor. The same goes for Gal Gadot, let her have the chance to mesmerize us as Wonder Woman.

Now, Ben Affleck is a special case. We’ve seen him in Daredevil, and it sucks. However you know what? He has aged; his acting has improved tremendously, so give him another shot. If he fails, well then he deserves a real shot.

[via Dorkly]

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