“Wait, who’s ink are you using?” [Humor]

who's ink

Ha ha, this made me laugh out loud. What could be going through his head after this? Probably a lot of confusing thoughts.

[via Reddit]

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  • sl0j0n

    “Wait, who’s ink are you using? Ours or theirs?”
    I know this is funny, at first, but think about it.
    Sure, people don’t always get the “its digital, not literal” thing.
    But do these people vote?
    Do they hold ‘political’ views?
    This is the reason the U.S. is in such ‘sheep dip’.
    Some of the same people that ‘don’t get it’ that U.S. spends $200 MILLION it doesn’t have, EVERY HOUR!
    This why so many can’t get their heads around what’s happening, or what’s needed to fix it.
    Well, we had a good run anyway, right?
    When the ‘government’ defaults, later this year, or next, you’ll know why.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!