Tuatara [Amazing Photo of the Day]


They call this creature the Tuatara, a living fossil since it hasn’t gone through significant evolutionary changes. I say no creature has gone through any significant changes. We are all in the matrix, and an alien race is watching over us and feeding us lies and slander.

[via Frans Lanting / Corbis]

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  • sl0j0n

    Hello, “Vamien McKalin”.
    Actually, I’m surprised that you know about them.
    Most people think they are a myth, like fairy tales.
    But they *are* real.
    They are ‘alien’, because they aren’t from earth, but actually they are from the other, so-called ‘higher’ dimensions.
    Cosmology theorizes that there must be at least 10 or 11 dimensions, each one rotated 90 degrees spacially to the previous one.
    An interesting fact is that creatures in those ‘higher dimensions’ could see us, even inside us, similar to the way we can ‘see’ inside a 2-dimensional circle, which would be ‘closed’ to a 2-D being outside the circle.
    Our 3-D universe is a subset of the greater, multidimesional [10-D?] universe.
    The ones you refered to are the ‘evil’ ones, sometimes called demons.
    The other, good ones, are the angels, buit they hardly interact with us at all.
    Think “Star Trek”, & ‘The Prime Directive’.
    They definitely are “feeding us lies and slander”, and of course, politics.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  • Oh no! We’re so adept at lying to ourselves that the alien race uses us for a reality TV series. ^_~