FruitfulTime Software: 4 (commercial-gone-free) software for bookmarks, notes, tasks, and time management you may want to take a look at

As I am sure we all know by now, quality software is not limited to only big name developer. Smaller, possibly unknown, developers often also create great software. FruitfulTime is one such small developer.

Legend has it that FruitfulTime once provided commercial solutions software aimed at four different tasks:

  • Bookmarks management
  • Notes management
  • Tasks management
  • Time management

(It actually is more than a “legend” because it is completely true… I have just always wanted to say “legend has it…” =P). Recently, for whatever reason, FruitfulTime management decided to make all their software (4 in total) available for free for anyone and everyone to use. Where there is free, there is Ashraf, right? So I decided to check out what FruitfulTime has to offer and you may want to consider doing the same.

Table of Contents

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager
FruitfulTime Notekeeper
FruitfulTime TaskManager
FruitfulTime ProductivityMeter
Final Words, Download Links, and Registration Keys

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager

FruitfulTime BookmarkManager is a simple program that provides a platform for you to store all your bookmarks in. Being browser independent, BookmarkManager will work with most all browsers. The import via HTML file feature allows users to import existing bookmarks from almost any browser (because most browsers will allow you to export your bookmarks as HTML). Since it has a backup/restore feature, BookmarkManager can also be used as a bookmarks backup program.

When adding a new bookmark, users need to define the name, URL, and optionally label it. Deleting bookmarks is easy enough – with buttons allowing users to delete single bookmarks or all bookmarks – and double clicking on a bookmark will open it in the default web browser (for users that have many, many bookmarks, there is the search feature to find bookmarks quickly and easily).

For convenience, BookmarkManager gives users the ability to use hotkeys to perform basic functions like adding a new bookmark:

The only quirk with the hotkeys I have is that when using the global hotkey to add a bookmark (you can use it when surfing a website from almost any browser), you have to manually click “Add” on the “Add New Bookmark” window as opposed to the bookmark being added automatically.

One interesting feature of BookmarkManager is that it allows users to e-mail all bookmarks (only Gmail is supported):

Although as it stands, BookmarkManager is a simple, easy-to-use package, I would like to see one major feature added: a bookmarks validator.

FruitfulTime Notekeeper

Notekeeper is a program that helps you organize all your notes by allowing you to create and save them all in Notekeeper. The text editor supports rich text, so you can format the text in your notes as you please, and even insert images. Notekeeper also allows users to attach web or file “references” to each note which can be clicked upon and taken to the respective website or file in question.

All notes can be tagged with a color or with text tags; the search feature allows users to search notes by title, tag, or note-content. Each note can be individually exported as a rich text file. If there comes a time when you decide you have too many notes, you are given the option to archive your old notes. Once archived, you can easily go back and view them and/or restore them.

Last but not least, for security purposes, users can password protect Notekeeper.

FruitfulTime TaskManager

Essentially, TaskManager is Notekeeper + task management features. With TaskManager, users can easily create tasks and for each task set priority and due date, update status and progress, set who the task was assigned to, and tag each task. In addition, each task can have multiple subtasks (which have the same properties as tasks except for the tags), have notes attached, have web/file references attached, list of contacts involved with the task, and set an automatic reminder for X minutes/days/weeks/months before the task is due (there also is a reminder for before the “start date” but I can’t seem to find a start date option).

Like Notekeeper, TaskManager also has a search function that allows users to search task name, subtask name, and notes content, password protect TaskManager, and archive/unarchive tasks. In addition, TaskManager also has the ability to backup/restore data, and to filter tasks by a handful of criteria.

FruitfulTime ProductivityMeter

ProductivityMeter is a time tracking/management/usage/whatever-you-want-to-call-it software that tracks how time is spent on the computer. It tracks idle vs active time, what programs are used, the titles of the windows that are active, and what websites are visited. Graphs are presented for each category for easy visual comparisons.

Timesheets can be attained for each individual item that details time spent and what the time was spent on (ex: a timesheet can be attained for time spent in Firefox which will detail – with a graph and table – how much time was spent, and what websites/pages the time was spent on).

There is a tag system which allows you to mesh together separate categorizes under one tag (i.e. I can tag Firefox and Internet Explorer as “Internet Surfing” for easy management). Then separate statistics and timesheets can be attained for each tag.

One major aspect of ProductivityMeter is that it comes in two versions: Personal Edition and Business Edition. The difference between the two is Personal Edition is intended for single computer use, while Business Edition is intended for employers to use to monitor their employee activity (it uses a server/client relationship where employers can install ProductivityMeter on all computers and monitor activity from their computer; upto 50 computers are supported).

Final Words, Download Links, and Registration Keys

Since all FruitfulTime software have now been made free, I highly doubt any updates will be issued anymore. However, as it stands, all four software are worth taking a look at if you need software to serve their respective purposes; they are small, efficient, and (potentially) very useful. In particular, I can see ProductivityMeter Business Edition being useful to many people because of its ability to allow activity to be monitored remotely (businesses and parents alike will find use for it).

Now as I mentioned, Fruitful software used to be commercial but now they are free. Instead of just making all the software “freeware” (per se), Fruitful management have released legitimate keys for everyone to use to register the software. So you will find download links and relevant registration keys below (use the registration keys to register each software):

Fruitful BookmarkManager

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Version reviewed: v2.0.2.0

Download size: 990 KB

Registration key: 6F82029E0C032ECA001D9D00006800009D87

Fruitful BookmarkManager homepage [direct download]

Fruitful Notekeeper

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Version reviewed: v2.0.1.0

Download size: 290 KB

Registration key: 9EF202BE0302BA0100925B000032000083F5

Fruitful Notekeeper homepage [direct download]

Fruitful TaskManager

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

Version reviewed: v2.5.2.1

Download size: 1.1 MB

Registration key: DD1602CE0101EC0D00D08B00001800004738

Fruitful TaskManager homepage [direct download]

Fruitful ProductivityMeter

Personal Edition

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista (works fine on Win7 also)

Version reviewed: v2.5.0.0

Download size: 11.5 MB

Registration key: DC6C0220B107ED920026B70000DD0000BB05

Fruitful ProductivityMeter Personal Edition homepage [direct download]

Business Edition

Supported OS: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008

Version reviewed: Unknown

Download size: 5.7 MB

Registration key: C27002DC34070F3C01DE9900328B00000D0F

Fruitful ProductivityMeter Business Edition [direct download]

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  • Safe and Sane

    The site seems to have gone away & taken all the download links from softpedia, cnet, etc. with it.

    Anyone know of an active location where these can still be downloaded?

  • Ashraf

    @Jeania: Hello. I don’t know what has happened to them. This post is over a year old. :-P

  • Jeania

    Hey Ashraf :) (from GAOTD) was wondering, when i click on the dl’s here, i’m getting just empty pages.. did they shut down? =/

  • Rich

    I tried several times to install and license BookmarkManager.

    Each time – and I downloaded a different copy of the installer for each attempt – it appeared to install nicely.

    Unfortunately when trying to enter the license key, I get a greyed-out box for the “OK” button.  When pasting or typing the indicated license key, the greyed-out situation does not change…?

    On the Productivity software: All links seem to “lead” to non-existent web pages!?

    NoteKeeper and TaskManager installed and seem to work properly, although Notekeeper did require two installation events to get it right.

    “Run as Administrator” seemed to create problems with the installation of NoteKeeper – that is in addition to the need to install twice.

    On the BookmarkManager: They have apparently issued a “New Version”.  Perhaps that means that it is no longer “free”?

    Am I too late on this?  Any thoughts on the install difficulty?  (System is Vista Ultimate.)

    Thank you.

  • jg

    thanks for referencing this great software. i’ve been looking for an notes app that lets you add images and links.

  • blue

    The Bookmark program key doesn’t seem to be working. No trouble with the others

  • BookmarkManager version 2 which was free has been replaced with version 3 which is shareware, i.e. 30 day fully functional trial. A license key costs US$24.95.

    As a thank you to DotTech readers, between today 7 Aug and next Saturday 14 Aug, you can purchase a license key for BookmarkManager with a 40% discount. Just visit the BookmarkManager Order Page enter your details, click Next, and then enter the following coupon code and click Update Coupon.


    As regards ProductivityMeter it has been taken offline until we assess future development potential. You can show us your support for ProductivityMeter and our other products, as well as share your thoughts and feedback by joining us on the FruitfulTime Facebook Page or if you prefer send me an email directly on

  • Frank

    Hi Ashraf, just to let you know that Fruitful BookmarkManager
    is not free any more but is trial version and your licence does not work for registering
    Many thanks for all your reviews that I find PRICELESS (in fact they are free….)
    I hope you had a nice holday.. you were missed by me and  I am sure by many others
    best regards

  • blue

    Another great find. Thanks

  • Cesare

    FruitTime BookmarkManager is commercial (30 days trial)

    Fruitful ProductivityMeter  is no more available !

    Thank tou

  • Just to let you know that both TaskManager and BookmarkManager were updated to support 64-bit platforms too.

  • Shades

    @normofthenorth: Are you missing the “Save” icon?  It is in the bottom toolbar (above the text window), rather than the top one, where I was also looking.  =:-)  It even defaults to RTF.

  • shh200438

    FruifulTime ProductivityMeter is a good soft, i would like it very much! but, it is not in homepage, who can send me a copy? thanks very much! my email:

  • mack

    To Mr Fiott or anyone:

    Why has Productivity Meter been removed from the website?

  • mgoj

    Thank you very much for this useful software, but unfortunately, FruitfulTime ProductivityMeter both Personal and Business Editions are no longer possible to be downloaded. Are there any other links for downloading these pieces of software and for using the registration keys you provided?

    I´m always waiting with great interest for your news and many times your findings and support make my day.
    Many thanks Ashraf!

  • bill

    Many Thanks! The bookmarks manager and note keeper (along with Evernote) might actually allow me to get organized for a change.

  • l101man

    Doru — thanks. Interestingly enough, I had just found that virustool site the other day. Upon evaluating the notekeeper, the site returned McAfee-GW-Edition 6.8.5 2010.01.05

    That made me quite concerned even though the FruitfulTime TaskManager returned as a clean inspection. I am not too sure what the Dropper.C thing is, but according to another site, it has many different names or variations. I will pass on installing this one even though I think such a software would be nice if clean. Hopefully, it is just a false positive thing.

  • Paul


  • @tejas: Will try to update BookmarkManager in the next couple of weeks.

  • @normofthenorth: The TaskManager manual is available here:

    You can save NoteKeeper notes to RTF by using the save button in the toolbar. However, this is only a copy to send through email for instance.

    Desktop search engines will not be able to index NoteKeeper content.

    The idea behind NoteKeeper is to allow people to write, manage, and organize their notes without worrying where to save them.

  • Wheezer

    @Stefan Fiott:
    Thanks for posting that it won’t work with 64-bit. I thought I’d done something wrong and was going to try downloading it again.

    Won’t waste my time now. I use Windows 7, 64-bit.

    Thank you! :-)

    Oh, Notekeeper seems to work well, and I will be using it extensively.

  • tejas

    @Stefan Fiott: That would be awesome. Any idea when the update might happen?
    I have yet to find a bookmark manager I like, and was really hoping this was “the one”. ;)

  • normofthenorth

    Thanks for the response, Stefan. So you posted the Table of Contents of the manual, but the content behind it doesn’t exist, even in the searchable database online? If so, you could have saved me some time by posting a note to that effect.

    TaskManager seems to incorporate all of NoteKeeper’s functions. I don’t suppose there’s a manual for TaskManager online?

    What I was trying to find was options for saving my Notes. Can I save them as RTF files, or are they hidden somewhere special by NoteKeeper in a strange format that only NK can access?

    In my ideal world, this kind of program would even allow me to save RTF notes in many different folders. That way, if I use Windows or PowerDesk to search all the files in a subject folder for a text string, I’ll also find the notes, without doing a separate search. Heck, I already have to do a separate search for relevant e-mails on each topic, because they’re stored in a Eudora folder instead of being “sorted” into the most relevant folders on my computer.

    So I’ve got searchable info on my computer about each topic area from my profession, and more stuff for home, and car, and ski trips, and sailing, and volleyball, and computer stuff, etc., etc. And each of these areas has a folder on my HDD, AND a “mailbox” in my Eudora. Does it also have to have a (searchable) “group” in NoteKeeper, that I have to search separately, or can I have NK store all my notes about volleyball in my volleyball folder?

    And if not, does anybody know of another “lean and mean” (and preferably free!) program that can do this?

  • @Pwnana: 64 bit is not supported yet.

  • @normofthenorth: No you are not missing anything.

    Unfortunately, I did not find the time to write up a manual for it so that content is missing.

    However, NoteKeeper is very easy to use and you should not find any problems.

  • @tejas: 64 bit is currently not supported, but I am planning to update some of the software.

  • Thanks Ashraf for the reviews :)

  • Pwnana

    @tejas: No, it just errors and crashes. Is this what happens to you too? That’s too bad, the Bookmark Manager looked useful…

    @Jyo: Not on Windows 7 64 apparently.

  • Jyo

    do these work with 64-bit systems?

  • normofthenorth

    I installed NoteKeeper, to try it out. I’m having trouble getting it to do what I want it to do — pop up a quick RTF editor so I can take (and edit) notes without having to open a “real” Word Processor.

    It may or may not be capable of these things, but I’m having a very frustrating time accessing the HELP system to find out. Either hitting F1 or going to “Help | Help Contents” opens a browser window that’s headed “FruitfulTime NoteKeeper 2 Manual, Table of Contents”. It’s at .

    The topics look very useful, but they’re not live links to anything, and there’s no text below the topics. (And I’ve tried it in IE7, just to make sure that it’s not an Opera browser incompatibility.) I don’t see a way to download the entire Manual, either. There is a search field at the top of the screen, but it finds very results and most of them are from the other programs, not NoteKeeper, because it apparently searches generally!

    If I’m missing something “obvious”, I hope somebody can clue me in. Otherwise, this program (and maybe its sisters, too) seem so user-friendly that the new price may still be too high. :o(


  • Happy Person

    Thanks for the 4 terrific programs, Ashraf.

  • Doru

    Make a visit to Virus Total with this .

  • rachana







  • tejas

    Has anyone had any luck with the Bookmark Manager on Win7 64 bit?

  • kingpin

    Is this S/W really worth using?
    You tell me.

  • Jeanjean

    I’m just interested with Fruitful BookmarkManager.
    Thanks a lot !

  • Ashraf

    @skybright: You are welcome =).

    @Kyle @ project software: I agree. The fact that they used to be commercial makes them a bit more polished than many other freeware software.

    @Farrukh: You are welcome =).

  • Awesome…
    Now these are really pieces of cake :D…

    Thanks a lot buddy.. Really appreciated :)

  • It’s a good piece of software and because it was a commercial product it has a little more development gone into it which helps make it stand out of the crowd.

  • skybright

    Thank You Ashraf for all the hard work you do! I have been looking for a good note keeper software for a while now. Thanks to you I have found a good one.

  • Ashraf

    @miou: You are welcome =)

    @OldElmerFudd: What is ACF?

  • OldElmerFudd

    Thanks, Ashraf. I heard about this on ACF, but never checked it out. Doesn’t appear to be anything I can use, but I appreciate the the developer’s decision.

  • miou

    thank you very much
    best regards