And the winners of the 30 free novaPDF Professional licenses are…

Last week dotTech ran a giveaway giving away 30 licenses of novaPDF Professional for free. Although it took me an unacceptable amount of time (sorry for taking so long… I totally forgot to select the winners), the entries have finally been tallied, and the winners have finally been picked. The winners of the 30 free novaPDF Professional licenses are as follows:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. I have passed on the e-mail addresses of the winners to Softland so if you are one of the winners, please check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from or e-mail address (the e-mails will be sent out ASAP) – that e-mail will contain your registration information.

Thank you Softland for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you everyone for participating. If you did not win a free license, keep in mind you can still purchase novaPDF for $19.95-49.95 (USD) depending on which edition you want; visit for more information.

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  • Emrys

    I guess I found out too late. Oh well; I don’t have a printer anyway. I really ought to get one and quit going to the library to get hard copy.

  • Donna

    I couldn’t sign up for a try and got no response why I couldn’t leave a comment to try
    Congrats to those who could and won!

  • Taz

    Thanks, Ashraf! Installed fine.

  • Ashraf

    This is the last “heads up” for pachafafa. If you don’t contact me within 24 hours I will give your key to someone else.

  • J.J.

    Hi Ashraf,
    I’ve already sent an other e-mail address for you to send the reg.code. I hope this will work. Thanks ones more.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Thanks Ashraf
    I’ve already received my reg yesterday

  • Gerry Locke

    Wow! I finally won something!! Woohoo! Thanks Ashraf (and Nova), you are the man!

  • Sandeep

    Thanks Ashraf.

    I got the key but didn’t installed yet. Should work. But is there a time limit to install the key????

  • Ashraf

    @Sandeep: The e-mails were sent out today.

    @J.J., pachafafa, and colin: Please send me an e-mail (admin at Your e-mail addresses bounced so I need a proper e-mail address to send the registration keys to.

  • nektar


    I received mine today, so check again your email :-)

  • Sandeep

    @ Jumbi: Monday gone still no e-mail, no license.

    Hope to receive it in one or two days.

  • jumbi

    @Edison Rosa:

    Its weekend, better to wait until Monday

  • Happy Person

    Congratulations to everyone who won. That’s wonderful :)

  • Edison Rosa


    I’m very happy to be among the winners, but I haven´t received any email neither from novaPDF nor softland yet. Nothing in spam folder or inbox as well. Is that long time normal?


  • Mohammed Sarhan

    I can’t believe myself
    Finally I can see my name among winners
    Thanks Ashraf

  • nektar

    thankssssssssssssssss :-)

    (good luck every one next time)

  • Pedro Valencia

    Hello Guys, this is so very nice, I do love your site
    and I am always telling my frieds about it, thanks for the license, now where do I get it?

  • Adrian

    Thank you Ashraf, and congrats to everyone who also won.

    Anyway, I suspect that I was a sure-winner since there weren’t too many comments specifying “I am author” or “I am donor”, etc. Can Ashraf confirm this?

  • Sandeep

    Thanks a lot Ashraf and Softland for sponsoring this giveaway. I am one of the lucky winner. Thanks a lot to everyone for participating.

  • Emrys

    Wow! Forgot all about it. And I can really use it too. Just hope I remember to turn off my Returnil before I load it! Thanks!

  • jabtano

    congratulations folks =)

  • Muhammad

    Locutus my congratulations to you and to others

    this is youe second time to won :)

  • o(o.o)o


  • J.J.

    Hi Ashraf,
    I have won one too. Thanks for this giveaway license for you and for Softland.
    I’m very happy!

  • Great….
    Congratulations winners…


  • And I was just looking at a website-to-PDF webapp! Only semirelated, but I don’t think about PDFs often. :D

  • Friend

    AOA Ashraf

    I have won one. Thanks for this giveaway license.