Phones with Flappy Bird installed are now selling for thousands of dollars on eBay


Since Flappy Bird‘s developer took down the game yesterday, one of the only ways you’d still be able to play the game is if you already downloaded it before. That, or you could pay up to $90,000 to purchase a phone with Flappy Bird installed.

It appears that quite a few people are trying to take advantage of the game’s popularity and unavailability, with Flappy Bird phones being sold for thousands of dollars and one ridiculous one for almost a hundred thousand dollars.¬†Thankfully, only a few of these phones have bids on them.

It’s also possible to get the game through other means, either by jailbreaking an iPhone and downloading the game’s .ipa file or by simply downloading the .apk file for an Android phone. Hopefully somebody tells those poor souls that are planning to buy these outrageously expensive phones for a game that was a free download.

[via The Verge]

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