Snapchat responds to bug that can crash iPhone


Snapchat has apparently fixed the vulnerabilities present within their app that allowed for denial of service attacks to take place and shut down the iPhone.

Snapchat has tried to assure us that all the problems with this particular weakness have been solved before this last weekend.

“We believe we have addressed the issue as early as Friday, and we continue to make significant progress in our efforts to secure Snapchat,” a Snapchat representative said to The Huffington Post. They have to explain in any detail though how they have fixed the issue.

This recent weakness in the Snapchat app was brought to light by security researcher Jaime Sanchez. He demonstrated this to The Los Angeles Times by launching an attack which sent thousands of messages to one of their reporter’s phones, causing it to crash.

Snapchat has gotten particularly lucky this time since none of their users have claimed to be affected by this vulnerability.You’d think that they would be grateful to Sanchez for pointing out the weakness before anything major became of it, but their response to him was to shut down the two accounts he used to test out the weaknesses.

[via The Huffington Post, image via TechCrunch’s flickr]

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