How to add ‘Dislike’ button to Facebook in Google Chrome [Tip]

Dislike on FBFor a long time, Facebook users have been wanting the social networking giant to add a Dislike button to the site so that if someone is not too happy with a particular post, he or she could express dissatisfaction, just as they are able to Like a particular post. While Facebook had recently introduced a Dislike sticker for the FB Messenger app, it was of no use to people who wanted to express dislike towards a particular post on the site.

Facebook has been adamant in its stand that it would never add a Dislike button to the site. No one can say for sure when this will ever happen, if it does at all. But if Google Chrome is your browser of choice, then you are in luck. There is a free third party extension called Dislike For Facebook that can be added to Chrome, which adds a Dislike button right next to the Like button under each post on Facebook. Read on to learn more.

 How To Add a Facebook Dislike Button in Google Chrome

  • Launch Chrome on your computer
  • Go to Tools > Extensions
  • Scroll down and click Get More Extensions
  • Type in Dislike on Facebook in the search bar
  • Download the extension
  • That’s it. Just refresh the tab that has Facebook open and you should see a Dislike button magically appear under each post!

dislike button

Dislike on Facebook is a cool and easy way to get that elusive Dislike button we’ve all always wanted. The only hitch with this really cool feature is that it is only available on Google Chrome, and hence only useful for those of us who use Chrome as their browser of choice. Plus the dislikes you add will only be visible to yourself and your friends who are also using Google Chrome and have the extension installed. If one of your friends is a Firefox fan, you’re out of luck as far he or she is concerned.  Of course, you could spread the word around among your friends and tell them about this awesome extension and get them all to jump on to the Chrome bandwagon. Go ahead and install the extension and enjoy trolling your FB buddies.

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