Apple and Google are rejecting obvious Flappy Bird clones


With Flappy Bird making over $50,000 in ad revenue every single day, it’s no surprise that other developers have tried to capitalize on its success. However, Google and Apple don’t seem keen on these knock-off games making a quick buck.

Numerous reports have revealed that both Google and Apple have been rejecting Flappy Bird clones from their respective app stores. The makers of “Flappy Bee” renamed their game to “Jumpy Bee” after receiving an email from Apple to change the name. Developer Ken Carpenter on the other hand, submitted a game called “Flappy Dragon,” and tweeted about his app being rejected:

“This is just not my f—ing week: Rejected. ‘We found your app name attempts to leverage a popular app.'”

“Which app? FB doesn’t exist!?!?!

Other developers replied to Carpenter’s tweet mentioned that they received similar notices from both Apple and Google. While both companies have so far declined to comment, an Apple spokesperson did tell The Verge that they weren’t simply banning apps that had the word “flappy” in the title, but apps that “appear to be trying to trick customers into thinking they are associated with or replacing a popular original.”

The original Flappy Bird is no longer available on both app stores since its developer Dong Nguyen pulled it, but Nguyen is still earning money off of ads in the game.

[via CNN]

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