How to easily boost cell phone signal at home [Tip]

Are you having trouble with your cell phone signal at home? There could be many reasons for your cell phone’s poor signal, like fault with your connection provider or some objects blocking the signal in your area, etc. Here are some methods that can easily boost your cell phone signal at home.

Tips to Easily Boost Your Cell Phone Signal at Home

  • Wi-Fi Calling: Wi-Fi calling is the future of calling. In the last couple of years, the popularity of Wi-Fi calling has increased. If you’re using the latest iPhone or Android phone, you can easily use the Wi-Fi calling option when you’re at home if your cell phone signal is not full. You just need to have a Wi-Fi network at home so that you can use your smartphone to use Wi-Fi calling.
  • If you already have good Wi-Fi signal, then you can easily make Wi-Fi calling from your phone, if Wi-Fi signal is weak, you can buy a Wi-Fi router to boost the Wi-Fi signal. There is not much cost involved in buying a Wi-Fi router and therefore the best option to choose when your cell phone signal is weak is Wi-Fi calling. However, you need to keep in mind that Wi-Fi calling only works if your connection provider supports it.
  • To enable the Wi-Fi calling feature in your phone, go to settings > phone and Wi-Fi calling, now just enable the option and you can start using the Wi-Fi calling feature.
  • Install Signal Boosters at Home: If your cell phone signal at home is poor, then you can try installing signal boosters. A signal booster can turn one bar into many bars. Therefore, check with your connection provider and ask them about installing signal booster at your home. There are some connection providers who offer signal boosters at a very low cost, whereas others ask you to buy one. You need to keep in mind that a signal booster can boost only one carrier signal at a time. Therefore, if you have multiple connections, then, this will boost the signal of all the connection providers.
  • Microcells: Microcell or femtocell is a device that acts as a low power base station for your cellular connection. It connects to the cellular network using your broadband internet connection.  This device will try to connect to a cellular network that is near to your home with the help of the internet and provide a signal to your cell phone when you’re at home. This is a good option for those who have a stable internet connection with good download capacity. Another advantage of this device is that it will work with devices that are old and do not support Wi-Fi calling. It is better to buy this product with the help of your cellular provider as they can help you with setting it up to boost your cell phone signal.


Having poor signal at home is a problem most cell phone users face. Things such as other structures blocking signals, and even things such as metal plumbing and air vents in the wall can cause trouble. With the options discussed above, you can easily boost your cell phone signal at home.

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