How to easily find similar websites and pages in Chrome [Tip]

When searching for a similar page to the one you have open, precise search engine keywords are usually essential. However, that is no longer so! Now you can bypass search engines with the Google Similar Pages in Action extension for the Chrome browser.

The Google Similar Pages in Action extension is one that displays thumbnail previews and links to alternative websites which are similar to one that you have open in the Chrome browser. Thus, if you had a soccer (or football) website open, the extension would probably display shortcuts to a variety of other soccer sites. The maximum number of shortcuts the extension includes is four.

To add the extension to your browser, go to this page. Click on the + Free option to add it the Chrome browser. Once added, a See Google Similar Pages button should be on the top right of the browser. The button is circled red in the shot below.

Google Similar Pages2

Now open a website or blog. In the shot below is a golf blog site page. Click on the See Google Similar Pages button to open thumbnail previews of similar websites as below.

Google Similar Pages

In the above example the extension provides shortcuts to four alternative golf websites. Now click on one of the links to the other websites. Chrome then opens the site in a new tab.

As no further options are included with it, there isn’t really much more you can do with the extension at the moment. Nevertheless, the extension still gives you a great alternative search tool for finding similar websites and pages. With it you might find a number of websites to add to your bookmarks.

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