Beautiful lightning storm over the Grand Canyon [Amazing Photo of the Day]

lightning storm over grand canyon

Wow, this image is exceptionally beautiful. It’s like the end of the world, you know? I should know, for I have seen it. Still, this was overly great, thank you Internet!

[via Scott Stulberg / Corbis]

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  • etim

    [@Darcy] LOL! You just made me think of a new app–one that automatically edits out any bing logos “UnBing”, maybe?
    I mean, just who does m’soft think they are now? A sportswear company?

  • kevbo

    Oddly enough, so do I now, though I tested the link before posting. Copying and pasting seems to work. Sorry about that.

  • [@kevbo] I get a “don’t have the rights ton access” error on your link.

    The photo is awesome, and I can edit out the BING logo myself.

  • kevbo
  • Vamien McKalin

    [@etim] I agree!

  • etim

    Leave it to M’soft to screw up perfectly wonderful images–that obnoxious “bing” logo ruins every one for me.