[Review] FILEminimizer Pictures

Today’s giveaway is of FILEminimizer Pictures v2.0. I have already written a full and comprehensive review on FILEminimizer Pictures v2.0. Please read that review for detailed information on FILEminimizer Pictures.

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  • Orchid

    The same problem occurred on Win Vista 64 bit.

    I did find that going to that programs website the popup was for and installing then un-installing seemed to work.

    I couldn’t remember which program it was for sure that I had installed prior to the problem occurring. I only have a handful of programs that I need to access via the right click and “run as admin” so I hadn’t caught it right away.

    After do many scans and troubleshooting…. looking through my programs and such and not finding the one mentioned in the popup…. I went to the site and decided to try and do an install and un-install of the program.

    Thankfully that has worked and I now have my ability to right click available again when needed.

    The next step was to take care of the one that caused the problem to begin with. :)

  • Ramesh Kumar

    I had downloaded Balesio on my WinXp Professional 32 bit non.NET the last time Ashraf reviewed it & its working fine. The installation coincidentally was on administrator login. :)

    I intuit there is one significant difference in approach between Ashraf & Karen. Perhaps that accounts for the former’s satisfaction, the latter’s dissatisfaction & the puzzlement of both.

    Both have Win7 64 bit on their laptops. I remember Ashraf saying that he “always” runs his 64bit Win7 OS on 32 bit. Perhaps Karen chooses to run hers “always” on 64 bit. Both choices are personal choices. Fine

    Lesson for developer – examine if as Karen rightly pointed out – is it an issue with Win7 64 bit when users choose to run it as 64bit.

    There is a reason for my mentioning .NET while specifying my OS in relation to this Balesio product. I never succeeded in finding out from Google if .NET run time “co-exists” with non-.NET runtime or whether .NET runtime “replaces” non.-NET runtime.

    So it works fine on my Win Xp Professional 32 bit non-.NET system

    I do not know whether my not being able to find out on internet was because Google as a competitor of Microsoft “chose” not to index such a webpage or whether Microsoft as a competitor to Google did not “let” such a webpage get indexed. ;)

    Anyway as a result in the Balesio context it obviously hurts the interest of Balesio & also those who suffered (if they had .NET). It also hurts Win7 64 bit running as Win7 64bit as 64bit.

    I’ll one day check this out on Microsoft’s own search engine rather than using Google for it. ;)

    As Karen chose to uninstall it, many others may have too. After all time is indeed a limited commodity.
    Ramesh :)

  • karen

    @Mr. J:

    Just out of curiousity, try right-clicking on a program (or a short-cut) and selecting the “Run as Administrator” option.

  • Mr. J

    Erm, I am now using Windows Vista x64, and I have installed this software. Though I haven’t faced any sort of problem regarding this piece. Well, i couldn’t say it worked like a charm, but it was certainly saved me quite some time editing every single document in my mess.
    But anyway, I didn’t have any problem with this program so far.

  • Ashraf

    @karen: Could be, could be.

  • karen

    @Ashraf: I’m wondering if it is an issue that affects 64-bit systems only?

    I haven’t tried contacting them though. I don’t really need to program, I was just downloading it to try it out. So removing it fixed my issue.

  • Ashraf

    @karen: o_O I have not faced any such issue (yet). Have you tried contacting Balesio about it?

  • karen

    This is horrible software. I installed it during the last giveaway and then spent a large number of hours trying to figure out why I could no longer right-click and run anything as administrator. And that when I tried I got some sort of popup prompting me to buy some sort of software package that allowed for easy editing of the right-click menu.

    It looked like balesio had included some kind of dll in their product and not paid for it.

    Once I finally figured out that balesio was the problem and uninstalled it, my issues trying to run as administrator went away.